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Fischer MRX 650: Would you buy one?

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I ain't buyin' an "American" bike with a Hyosung Motor.

When I decide to buy American, it will be a CityX for me thanks.
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Other Links to MRX650

Here are some other pics and links to the MRX650. There is also more information on Hyosung and thier bikes on this site. Alpha Sports Motors is currently trying to import a full fairing 650. Rumors are it is still stuck in emissions testing. There is a pick of the Hyosung 650 in the link below also...
Re: Other Links to MRX650

Cool link thanks. Full Fairing 650 looks funky but any competition to the Big 4 is welcome. IMOH.
Just to beat this dead horse a little further into the ground... How about their using the 1000cc parallel twin from the new MuZ sport bike? This engine makes in excess of the requisite 100 hp that seems to trip people's trigger these days, and would seem to be not much wider (or heavier?) than a 650 v-twin anyway. BTW, MO needs to do a road test on the German beastie. It looks like pretty good bang for the buck, and that engine in the (Gemini designed) Fischer chassis would probably make for a pretty formidable weapon.
Better late than never, I guess.

The only reason the SV650 doesn't have more horses is becasue it would then go into competetion with other bikes in Suzuki's stable.

The SV is positioned to attract new riders and hopefully build brand loyalty.

So, oddly enough, every SV that succeeds at being around when the payment book is empty, has essentially failed in what it was supposed to do.
Copy cat? Copy cat of what! There is nothing like it out there.
Why wouldn't it sell?

It's unique. People buy 85hp Ducatis with 1000cc's, why not a 650cc Fischer that'd blow the doors off said Ducatis?
Re: I like it!

It doesn't just carve corners, it slices 'em, it dices 'em, it makes Julien Fries of 'em! But wait, there's more! The seat opens up to reveal the pillion pocket fisherman!
Got ME?

It is strange, but guys don't want to ride, they want to impress! It never seems to occour to them how stupid, that can make make them look.

I used to play tennis, and I can tell you there's there's nothing more fun than walking out on the court in crappy clothes with a beat-up racquet, and beating the crap outa some Yuppie who's out-fitted like a pro (we even had a name for those guys, "TARGETS!").

So, anyone who buys an SV and uses the money saved to learn how to ride, is all-right with me. Of course the guys on liter-bikes won't like getting passed in the twisties by an SV (but, that's what they paid for).
This is fun...

Aaaaaaaand...WHAT do you think you'll have to pay for this AMAZING NEW (that'll work) $7000...$8000...$, No NO!

Operators are standing by, so if you stick your head up your A$$, and order right-away...pant...pant...pant...

YouCanHaveThisAmazingModernConvenienceFor ((($10,000)))

Your turn...
My guess is this thing will end up weighing the same or more than the 900cc Buell and will make about the same horsepower but less torque.

Given that everyone seems to say the Buell handles really well I would expect the Buell to be the faster bike, at least until this thing is well sorted.

(Maybe you mean in a straight line?)
Izz problem whiff MuZ, I think?

Okay, I might have my wires crossed here, ButRightOffTheTopOFMyHead, isn't there something about Mu being Chinese, or something? I know Mu uses a 500cc Yamaha thumper for thier smaller bikes. But, I thought, I remembered something about Mu being bought by a Chinese Co. Anyway, a thumper might be a cool Idea. Come to think of it - didn't Honda have a 1000cc thumper, several years ago? Now, that might be interesting, if Fischer could pry the castings out of Honda's greedy-little-hands, that is.

BTW, I just remembered something. The Britten probably wouldn't have worked. The Britten engine was built to be a stressed-member of the frame; it's fairly massive, so it would likely be too heavy for the Fischer (like it would'a hapened, anyway).

And, after doing some reading, I learned that Fischer did want to use a Rotax. But, the Austrians wanted to much control over Sum'thin'eruther (surprise) and it didn't work out.

Ahh, what the Hell! It's not like any of this matters. But, it is sorta fun, sitting around jerking-off about it.
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Re: Got ME?

You think getting passed by an SV is bad you should see the looks on those poor guys faces when I pass them on my Guzzi California with the bags on it. I also here that the best rider at Deals Gap rides a Honda Goldwing. He takes pictures and videos as he destroys people in the turns.
You Bastard Killed Kenny!

To be honest, I really don't think "Kenny" ever really had it in his head to build the Norton for the general motocycyle public. So, a price reduction probably doesn't fit into the Norton-Equation.

As for Buell, considering the incredible hassles it probably took for him to get where he is, why rock the boat?

All kidding aside (and I've done more than my share) Fischer's got BALLS! If it weren't for the fact that my idea of a sport bike is something I'm probably going to wad-up, I'd probably consider MR X. Other than the engine (which isn't all that bad, really) Fischer's done a Hellava job. As pdad said (at the end of his piece) it would be cool if Sean could latch his hands on an MRX for a test...and, maybe even do a Comparo against the SS Ducatis. After all, but for the price - and the engine's geo-political origin - the MRX would be a Boutique Bike (if it came from Europe).
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Re: Izz problem whiff MuZ, I think?

Yeah, and while doing this you don't have to study medieval Russia, heh heh.
Re: Nope.

You don't actually think that most American products are made in the US, do you? They might be assembled in the US but I seriously doubt the origins.

Besides, how do you expect to sell anything low volume at a low price, without keeping costs down? He doesn't have any choice. I noticed you didn't seem to care that the suspension wasn't American made.

It seems better to support the guy because he is American. I don't think he'd mind switching the engine if the sales were good. Take a look at the first Buell's, would you want to take credit for them being made in America? :)

It seems the complaints have more to do with the suspect quality then where the engine is made.
But why didn´t they take the Bullet engine from India? Even cheaper, and at least 50% of the bozos going for this sort of thing would think its from Indiana.

- cruiz-euro
Triumph needs to hire that designer. First thing that came to mind when I saw that bike was, 'Damn, that reminds me of the Daytona's', and 'That's what the Daytona needs to look like'.

Re: Not lame at all on both counts.

Well whatever bad sides they had (and God knows they had some severe ones) they were unfortunately not incompetent.

- cruiz-euro
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