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Florida HP To Crackdown On Riders Who Evade. Larger License Plates considered

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Ooh, lovely. Statistics with nothing to support them . . . :eyeroll:
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Very gud artikal.

Was it written by a 4 year old?

I've given up expecting unbiased reports on anything in the press, but at least they could use proper english when they write they're propaganda.

Exactly when did motorcycles become a menace to society anyway?
Sorry I don't follow you. Looks like deaths have gone up almost 96%. That is significant. I am sure there hasn't been a 96% increase in motorcycle registrations to compensate. Something is going on perhaps it's the lack of a helmet law, or lack of a tiered license system allowing inexperienced squids to run wild on 150 hp sportbikes or newbie older riders on 700 lb cruisers, or lack of proper training. You can't say the numbers aren't significant or unsupported. I hope us riders aren't in denial about these hard facts.
You're sure that there hasn't been a corresponding rise in registrations?

Personally, I don't know. You certainly can't tell from the article. There's been no study, no compiled data, nothing. Just conjecture and guesswork.

The NYTimes would be Proud.
Re: Very gud artikal.

Hey, dey don' calls 'em Murdercycles fo' nuttin', do dey?

Its a pretty fluffy piece. But to be fair, it seems to me to be a pretty obvious transcript of a televised story than a printed one. Can't expect a talking head on TV to start reeling off statistical analysis and meaningful comparasions in the 10 seconds or so this story probably got on the air.

And I don't really have a problem with what the highway patrol is saying here. I know too many squids that brag about how many times they just ran from the cops to avoid the ticket for the exessive speed/recklesss riding they were doing anyway. Its almost Duke of Hazzard easy to get away on a sportsbike as long as you got someplace to go (like a garage) fast enough before they get air cover on you.
Actually all data was produced and compiled by the FHP.. So I don't see your point..Yes I am sure that there has not been an two fold increase in registrations since 2000. That would mean a growth rate of 12 % which would have been front page news. Please be logical and reasonable in you r "conjecture".
Kook bashing right?.. Ok Gabe I am out of this thread..per our agreement. Tough to have a debate when Buz comes in and starts this crap again and again. Wish he would point out problems with my argument and not do this..
I've always wondered...

I've always wondered how you could read the plates on a motorcycle from any distance.

But then how in the hell do you make them much larger? On a Gold Wing I guess you would have room for a plate as large as a car’s, but don’t see much room on the back of most sport bikes.

I've also noticed here in Arizona a wide latitude given truly creative after market plate placement with some so far under the rear of the bike you can't see the plage for the back tire.

I’ve also wondered when we here in the US were going to get larger car tags. The car tags we have aren’t all that large. I look for the day when we will probably get the European tags which are truly huge taking up most of the width of a smaller car.

Would be funny to see a new law requiring the large plate go into effect. I can see it now, a tiny sport bike with a huge tail section widening out to the size of a giant European car plate!!!
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"That would mean a growth rate of 12 %" per year... Which is highly unlikely...
I guess we can't have single day without some schadenkook.
KWalterMitty was right. Registrations haven't gone up 96%. They went up 87%. I'd say that certainly close enough statistical wise to cover the accident and death increase. All it would have taken him was 3 minutes not to look like a fool again.
Re: I've always wondered...

Maybe a large vertical plate mounted next to rear wheel and read top to bottom?
Re: I've always wondered...

Have you seen the size of Euro bike tags?

Only slightly smaller than the size of US car tags (about the same width, only a bit shorter top to bottom).
Nah, I said my peace.

Wouldn't wanna "Stalk" him, now would I?
Where did you get your data? still there is 9% diff.. which is statistically significant.. At least in Stat 101 at accredited Engineering programs..Did you take Statistics longride? At DePaul? Northwestern? or CCC?
That Lasted.....

...oh about 5 minutes?

"Ok Gabe I am out of this thread..per our agreement. Tough to have a debate when Buz comes in and starts this crap again and again. Wish he would point out problems with my argument and not do this.."

Moron got proved wrong again and went on another moron rampage again.
Re: That Lasted.....

6min 39sec.

But who's counting?
Funny, him citing sources to me (that he hasn't even checked-out to see if what he cites actually exists), and then questioning the source of your data, eh?

You guys are right about the "Irony" thing.
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