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I've always wondered...

I've always wondered how you could read the plates on a motorcycle from any distance.

But then how in the hell do you make them much larger? On a Gold Wing I guess you would have room for a plate as large as a car’s, but don’t see much room on the back of most sport bikes.

I've also noticed here in Arizona a wide latitude given truly creative after market plate placement with some so far under the rear of the bike you can't see the plage for the back tire.

I’ve also wondered when we here in the US were going to get larger car tags. The car tags we have aren’t all that large. I look for the day when we will probably get the European tags which are truly huge taking up most of the width of a smaller car.

Would be funny to see a new law requiring the large plate go into effect. I can see it now, a tiny sport bike with a huge tail section widening out to the size of a giant European car plate!!!
1 - 2 of 52 Posts
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