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Florida HP To Crackdown On Riders Who Evade. Larger License Plates considered

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Ooh, lovely. Statistics with nothing to support them . . . :eyeroll:
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Unless one can segregate the number of motorcycle fatalities between registered Florida riders and those visiting from others states 9% is statistically insignificant.
Kook's common sense! Kinda sounds like one of those double entendre game names off of MXC! Sinkers and Floaters come to mind.
Not again, still. It certainly doesn't take much bait to get you to vitiate your "agreement with Gabe" about exiting this thread does it?
Thank you for saving me the trouble of pointing out what should be obvious to anyone familiar with motorcycling. I forgot just how out of the loop the GMP is about our pastime.
1 - 4 of 52 Posts
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