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Florida HP To Crackdown On Riders Who Evade. Larger License Plates considered

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Ooh, lovely. Statistics with nothing to support them . . . :eyeroll:
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Regardless of how fluffy the news piece. The two data points are interesting.

33% increase in MC accidents

96% increase in fatality rate

That alone should be significant enough to stimulate further investigation.

- what's driving the increase in accidents?

- what's driving the increase in fatalities per accident and is there a corresponding increase in injury severity among non-fatalities?

- what types of accidents - no other vehicle; with another vehicle and what type; versus pedestrian; passenger involved?

- contributing factors: excessive speed; weather; alcohol use; other drug use; debris in road or other obstruction; road surface condition?

- was safety eq worn? driver? passenger? helmet? riding gear - what gear?

- Rider variables: riding experience; trained; prior accidents; prior MV violations; age; education level; insured or uninsured?

- Region of country, geography; time of day/night

That would be enough to get started, though additional variables can be identified and included. Once you've compiled some hard data, start looking for statistically significant correlations between the data sets. Personally I would be very curious to see the results of an in depth analysis of motorcycling accidents for the past couple decades on a national basis.


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1 - 1 of 52 Posts
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