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Florida HP To Crackdown On Riders Who Evade. Larger License Plates considered

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Ooh, lovely. Statistics with nothing to support them . . . :eyeroll:
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Re: That Lasted.....

Kpaul is right. He said 12% was "highly unlikely" and would be "front page news." As you yourself pointed out, the increase was only about 11%, which is miniscule and barely worth mentioning compared to the almost inconceivably humongous 12%.

It's 72% Comparative Statistics 101 and 28% Introduction to Logic. Seruzawa, you owe kpaul an apology.
Re: I've always wondered...

I don't recall, but you're probably correct.
Re: That Lasted.....

Whoops, I mean Longride. But Seruzawa should apologise, too, just because.
I would agree its lame in most states,but in Fla. where hundreds of thousands congregate for 9 days twice a year,its probably pertinent.
Re: I've always wondered...

I believe Fl. tags are currently smaller than many other states.
I agree and hopefully the new study AMA is attempting to raise money for will address lots of these issues;but this article is a fluff piece which doesnt give enough hard facts to backm any conclusions.
Geez, kpaul, get a hobby besides "multiply-moderate the sh*t out of my posts and posts that I like." Kinda ruins the whole point of moderating, y'know. Show some self-discipline for a change of pace.
Fatalities are up, but not near as much of an increase in accidents. Sounds like we're having safer crashes, based on the two paragraph article I read. Makes you wonder if the press EVER knows what it's talking about, doesn't it.
Re: I've always wondered...

That jives with the article which sez they're 6x3 - a bit smaller than the ~7x4 of a MO, AR, KS, OK, IL, and TN tag. Other States may be the same size.
Prehaps(sic) he should take up Masturbating? Think that would keep him occupied?

"Hey, I found myself a Hobby!!"
Thank you for saving me the trouble of pointing out what should be obvious to anyone familiar with motorcycling. I forgot just how out of the loop the GMP is about our pastime.
1) Simple solution. Can't see the plates? How about binoculars for the police? Less hassle, works better than a big plate.

2) Dollars to donuts the statistical anomoly with the increase in deaths being larger than the increase in registration is due to people who trailer the bikes into Daytona, get lit, and then "enjoy" the no helmet laws.

3) The whole we need to do "X" because squids are running away from the police is bogus. That's like saying we need to stop putting up fences because guys on motorcycles are jumping them when guys dressed like Nazis are chasing them. As long as society remains ignorant and allows itself to get worked up by the 1% (or less than 1%), true, beneficial societal change will elude us.
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