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Followup: FASTER MotoGP movie

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I'm definitely going to see this one when it comes out.
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I wish there could be a Hollywood version...

As my tiny Americun brain will explode if I see a realistic portrayal of motorcycling on the Big Screen. For one, the movie's subjects are wearing helmets and full leathers, for two, there's no chicks on the backs of the bikes, and for three, they don't chase each other on public thoroughfares. What's the point?

Hopefully, the MPAA will give it a "TR-M" for "too realistic portrayal of motorcycling" and ban it from mainstream moviehouses so Americuns like me won't be too confused.
sounds like a good documentary of Moto GP.

I saw the trailer, looks good.
It would be cool for this to come out at the same time as Torque, so hopefully it could: a) benefit from the increased interest in motorcycles in movies; and b) show everybody what real riding is like compared to the typical Hollywood she-ite.
Let's pray it won't be as awful as "Driven."

Is Stallone in it?
I never saw "Driven". How awful was it? As bad as "The Fast and the Furious"?
Driven was horrid....but this is essentially a documentary, so the cast includes Rossi, Biaggi, Hopkins and others....
Driven as bad as the Fast and the Furious?

Nope, Driven wasn't "as bad as" the Fast and the Furious. It was in-fact much much worse than Fast and the Furious. "I'd rather eat dirt" (in the immortal words of Daryl Hanna's boyfriend, from Steel Magnolias) than watch either of them (or Biker Boyz for that matter) ever again.

And that's all I have to say about that.
Well you better get used to it cause Sly's about to be the governor of this great state. NO, wait...
That's pretty bad, then. Thanks, I will be sure to avoid it.
were have you been??

like the title says, were the hell have you been johnny? we missed your smartassedness around here. im sure you still have some pull. throw up a page, and give us some details as to how youve been doin
Those are pretty easy to find in Hollywood movies nowadays- it seems like an easy fix when the story is lacking.
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