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Re: Fontana: Day two and redemtion for Nicky

I was there! It was an awesome day, and Nicky was all alone out in the front, WAY ahead for pretty much the whole race. That red flag was a giant let down, because the battle between Mladin, Bostrom, and Chandler was so fierce. The crowd was relatively small in comparison to the HUGE facility, but everyone was very enthusiastic, and we all let the racers know how much we loved em. Awesome races, and a really wonderful day.

Also I got to sit on the new Yama FJR 1300- I felt my wallet tingle!

As I passed by the Harley tent I spied the V-Rod and the gaggle of onlookers surrounding it. I must say the thing looked cool in person and that Porche twin staring you down was neato, but I couldnt help wondering why you'd pay as much as you would end up paying, when you could score an FJR1300 AND an RC51 for probably near the same amount of dollars...

I cant wait for the next superbike races to come to Fontana but hopefully they'll throw a little more effort into the advertising campaign, and get more of the fans to come out and show the support that these great racers deserve.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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