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Fontana Superbike Results

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Congrats to Mladin, but man what a boring couple of races. AMA is suffering from some serious talent dilution, with so many top riders off to GP and the manufacturers spreading their resources across Supersport, Superstock, FX, and Superbike. Sure, every manufacturer gets their little moment of glory, but does anyone really cares that a Honda won FX when they're not even contesting Supersport?

At least this year's GP has the potential to be one for the ages.
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Wow, what happened from Daytona to Fontana. they institute a 120% rule or something?

Any way congrats to Mladin, Ebos, Miguel, Jake.

Now what is up with Ben Bostrom? I missed the race on TV so did he DNF the first race? Lousy start to a season for him. Race 2 is the first points he's got so far.

He took a turn a bit too tight and ground his footpeg into the curbing and levered his wheels off the ground. Crash. DNF.
AMA needs to reformat??

Watching the Superbike races was like watching paint dry. Mladin was dominant. Somehow the AMA needs to get Kawasaki and Yamaha into the Superbike mix. The Formula Extreme class is a joke. The AMA should strive for total factory participation in 2 classes Supersport and Superbike. SuperStock has diluted the Superbike talent pool. I say go down to two highly competive classes. Either Honda gets into supersport or else they don't play. The same goes for Yamaha and Kawasaki in Superbike [/b]
Re: AMA needs to reformat??

I agree completely.

SuperSport and SuperBike. No stupid tire mandates, no silly air restrictors. Since WSBK is dropping the ball here, it's AMA's chance to make this the junior MotoGP that it could be.

It's good to see privateers running with national TV time, but come on. It would be better to have some real factory teams contesting this thing. At least contesting for second place.
Maybe we're just in a "building season" in superbike? Helped along by AMA not finalizing the spec until like 6 weeks before the season. As long as the Hondas get beat, I am satisfied. KUDOS to Jeremy Toye for almost breaking into the top ten on an R1 with lights taped over and stock exhaust. Shame on whoever bent over and allowed Honda to make Formula Xtreme a drawn-out bad commercial. What class will we create for the too-fat 1000RR next season? Who's taking me to South Africa for round one motogp? any volunteers?
Re: AMA needs to reformat??

I couldn't agree more and Formula Extreme should be a complete no holds bare'd class that shows off all the latest greatest technology for that bike (CBR, ZX10, YZR-R1, GSXR1K).
Re: AMA needs to reformat??

I agree 50%

I think they should drop Superbike and Formula Extreme and ONLY run Supersport and Superstock. (Heck the Superstock bikes are already as fast as the Superbikes. 80% of this year's Superbike field is made-up of the same guys/bikes from Superstock. All Superbike is doing is giving Suzuki, Honda and Ducati a place to pick-on non-factory teams.

Supersport and Superstock are the most fair rules you can have and they also tend to be the best racing to watch, because of the relitive closeness. -Sean
Good grief I agree with KPaul!

You've been on your best behavior lately. 205 posts in the middleweight thread and no flame wars or Kerry links.

Oh, and Happy Birthday old man.
I thought FX was designed to get an interesting mix of bikes (Buell, Ducati, etc.) and engine configurations. To see factory riders racing in this class instead of Supersport is just lame.
Re: AMA needs to reformat??

No, what we need is a whole-scale cooperative re-alignment involving the national championships, World Superbike, MotoGP, and the manufacturers. The goal should be promoting logical levels of competition based on product offerings, realistic racing program outlays by mfgrs, and an understandable, linear ascension program for riders.

In other words, increased spectator/participant participation to aid increased motorcycle sales, less costly racing programs to increase likelihood of new mfgr participation and more broad participation by existing mfgrs, and highly defined processes regarding how to begin racing (for adults and MOST importantly, kids) so we can expand the talent base.

How do we do it?

AMA, BSB, and All-Japan need to drop superbike all together and elevate superstock to the premier class. This way the national championships can actually be what they should be, which is talent feeders for World Superbike and MotoGP.

World Supers could then be the premier production-based racing series it wants to be, with the event calendar lengthened, and touching all continents and major motorsports markets.

World Superbike would then be a perfect talent feeder for MotoGP, and this makes sense as the 125/250 2-stroke class machines have less than zero relevance to MotoGP now.

Let's make some rules, too. Like, if you win the national superstock championship, you are automatically promoted to World Supers, and YOU HAVE TO GO!!!!

None of this squatting in the minor leagues by people who are satisfied being big fish in a very small pond.
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instead it's an interesting mix of Honda 600s that cost as much as a nice carbon-fiber Rancho Cucamonga estate.
Excellent Point, however would the factory boys want to give up....

Yep I see your logic. That would probably be more pratical. I wonder how the factory boys would be about playing on a level playing field. We always here Dave Sadowski talking about factory horsepower .... blah blah blah. I just wonder how Mladin would feel about eliminating their advantage. Or would they still have an advantage. Seems like the factory boys do have some kind of advantage is Supersport.
Great ideas

I just wonder if all these competing groups could work together. You are right it would help the sport if they could. WSB has become the Ducati cup.
Yep what happened to those legions of Buell Firebolts we were supposed to see?
You got what you wished for

Inline 4s dominating everything.

Pretty friggin' boring isn't it?
Re: Good grief I agree with KPaul!

I have to take a small amount of credit for curtailing the flame wars on the middleweight thread. Corralling all the dipshyts in one area and then watching them circle jerk was classic. It's easy to manipulate such simple minds. KPaul is certainly trying his best to act like a normal human. Maybe 6 more months of this, and we can start to think of him as one!
I think all the factory resources have gone to GP racing. Of the big four, only Suzuki seems serious about racing in AMA. The other mfgs. seem either disinterested, or don't have the resources to devote to it. Either way, it looks like a pretty boring season ahead. I don't think any rules changes will help a lick if the mfgs. are disinterested.
Re: You got what you wished for

Touché How about a Ducati V-4? Probably 2006 I think. EBos seems to have the 999 going pretty well in Superbike.


The Great Motorcycle Prophet.
I am withholding comment on the quality of the AMA superbike right now, I personally hope that the hondas, and Ducati get up to speed (not top speed) with Mladin and the factory Suzuki.

I do think that the 4 series don't offer much in excitement or variety right now. I would love to see some buells, or 750 ducs in the FX class, but it takes an effin amount of money to participate, much less compete in a pro level national series. So the riders look at the out of the box formula that gets them somewhat competitive with minimal investment in R&D and hand made parts.

I think that Superstock, and supersport, with an FX style bring your franken-cycle balls out modified bike would eliminate some cross over.

The factory teams would still dominate in each class, but it should tighten the competition some.

As for tires, the manufacturers should bring their supply of tires to the events and hand the keys to the trailers to the AMA race director so that all racers get access to the same tires, at the same cost as the factory teams.
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