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Fontana Superbike Results

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Congrats to Mladin, but man what a boring couple of races. AMA is suffering from some serious talent dilution, with so many top riders off to GP and the manufacturers spreading their resources across Supersport, Superstock, FX, and Superbike. Sure, every manufacturer gets their little moment of glory, but does anyone really cares that a Honda won FX when they're not even contesting Supersport?

At least this year's GP has the potential to be one for the ages.
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This might be futile but....

Some of the most competative racing I've ever seen was stock classes with minimal mods. Aprilia 250 cup, HD 883's etc.

even the supersport stuff is pretty close by the end of the year.

Sure I'd like to see Duc's L2, a Triumph, and some derivative of a HD bike racing against theI4's, but it is almost impossible to get the rules to alow for a broad mix of engine designs. Weight penalties for each cylinder? Displacement limits? How artificial (i.e. imposed limits to even out competition) do you make the racing just to get multiple engine configurations?
Re: This might be futile but....

Perhaps a Supertwins series or something like that? You could have Ducati, Aprilia, maybe Moto Guzzi, and get H-D to come up with something. We'll never see it but nice idea anyway.

MotoGP has weight penalties based on number of cylinders.
Re: You got what you wished for

EBoz mentioned he needs more time to jell with the bike. It seems the Superbike class may have the formula right for twins vs. I4s except there is only one twin in the whole series right now.

If WSB didn't screw everything up and cause the damn boycott Aprilia might be involved too.
Re: Good grief I agree with KPaul!

I still don't think he's using silverware yet but apparently his wife is drugging him every morning.

Good job Mrs. Paul!
Re: This might be futile but....

Yes GP have wieght penalties based on number of cylinders and is going to introduce a seperate penalty structure for oval pistoned motors also. It basically has not lead to a huge vareity of motor designs, albeit more than AMA has goin.

Supertwins would be neat, but HD is not going to participate, and it still leaves Triumph staring thru the glass at the racing buffet.

Its a conundrum, but I think the AMA needs to add weight penalties to get more competition from more manufacturers (and make it more fun to bench race "mladin would have kicked ass if he could drop that 20lbs weight penalty")

I don't remember which car racing series that had to keep adding weight to the rx7 based cars just to get the competition even.

I'd just like to have multiple manufactures/engine designs to root for.
The superbike race would be more interesting if the manufacturers other than Suzuki got it together. Mladin's trap speed was always lower than the Ducatis and the Hondas. What this says to me is the Yoshimura guys really got the set up down. Koodos to them. It was also kinda boring because Yates wasn't around drop kicking anyone.
Maybe Burns is right eh?

"It was also kinda boring because Yates wasn't around drop kicking anyone" LOL, Maybe Burns is right we need more characters; see click here
Re: Good grief I agree with KPaul!

Uh... I think that's Mrs. Cook.

You haven't been around long enough to know she sprinkles Ritalyn on his fishsticks.
And you are gonna call NASCAR boring?

Talk about Sleepers! Good lord. That was some pathetic racing. Let's see... On one channel I can watch v-8's run way over 9000 rpm's, and see a car win by 28/1000 of a second...

On the other, I can watch Matt "My Vagina Hurts" Mladin dominate an outclassed field. Twice.

Boy that's a tough call.

Now don't get me wrong. I have a hardon for GP like everyone else.
Re: AMA needs to reformat??

Am I the only one around who would love to see Team 667, or The Army of Darkness take that cry baby nancy boy Mladin and spank him like the school girl he fantasizes about being?
What happened to the CBR1000's? They were soooo fast and handled soooo well early in the season. The Honda riders were chuckling about how much better it is than the RC51. Well, c'mon boys, get those things moving!!!!!!!!!!!
Do I smell NASCAR??

So we might need rules that "GASP" NASCAR uses? They simply change the rules at will for parity. Simply allow all engine configurations and then use whatever means is necessary to speed up or slow down each until you reach parity. IRL did it. NASCAR does it. AMA needs to do it. Nobody likes to watch one guy win alone, and nobody wants to watch 20 of the same motorcycles racing every week. Drag racing found a way to being V-Twins to Top Fuel, and the AMA could do the same with Superbike. Flattrack has changed the rules over the last few years to bring in different engines and mfgs. Simply change the rules to make each engine configuration competitive, then tweak as necessary.
Elitist fraternity pig dog

I believe from "back to school by Mr Dangerfeild
Re: Do I smell NASCAR??

Its a shame but I think the AMA needs to do something to get a mix going. Weight penalties would help but would always be a sore point for the racers. Man, the b!tching after races would be great for this site.
What you are seeing here is the difference between reality and the typical Honda blowjob by the majority of the motorcycle press (MO excluded, which is part of the reason I visit this site). Honda Cyclist and the rest print nice things about Honda because they want to keep Honda's advertising $$ flowing in. Why do you think it's had two cover shots in the last two months for both Cycle World and Honda Cyclist and the other bikes have been lucky to get one?
Sean's idea is probably the best

i.e. only two classes Supersport and Superstock. However, would the factory boys go for that? It seems the factory boys get a big advantages in Superbike. Would they give it up? The two Haydens seem to be doing well in Superstock.
well i may be completely wrong

but what else is new? In NASCAR there's some parity between manufacturers at least, a little balance of power. In AMA, it seems like Honda is 800 lb gorilla that gets what it wants. How else to explain the borification of Formula Xtreme? Shirley the AMA consulted ALL the OEMs before deiciding upon new FX rules, right? Right? I kind of doubt it judging from the field.

Let's all contribute to a MO entry. If we all kick in about $10K apiece, we should be able to build Sean a carbon-fiber 250-pound Buell with a turbo, which would give him a power to weight ratio almost as good as Duhamels... who'll write the first check?!
Also top speed does not equal fastest lap (I have no idea how Ebos' Ducati is fastest thing at Fontana...)

I was watching from the end of the banking at Fontana, you could see Mladin was faster through the chicane there than anybody.
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