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Re: AMA needs to reformat??

I like it. Except I don't think you'll be able to force riders to go anywhere. Especially with sponsorship concerns (see below).

Now the bad news: Getting all of these different series into alignment will probably be near impossible. None of the bigger individual series will really want to take an outright admittedly minor league role. Most racing series promote the uniqueness of their competition even though 99% of the fans know that AMA is not on par with, say, MotoGP in terms of talent and technology. (And, in fact, it is a minor league series.)

Just look at NASCAR....(sorry, nodded off) Not particualrly high tech and I doubt many Nextel Cup drivers plunked into the seat of a Ferarri F1 car could find their way around a road course and stay within radio distance of the F1 drivers. But you know what? NASCAR works--fantastically and inexplicably well. They sell close competition, bumping, Americana, and a kind of family carnival atmosphere.

NASCAR would never want to align themselves as a feeder series for anyone. And if you think NASCAR is a bad example because of their huge success, I know the IRL or ChampCar wouldn't agree to it either.

I think every racing series views themselves on their own terms. AMA, WSB and the rest are probably not exceptions.

Last problem: The sponsors! You've got to get the sponsors on board. They probably would have all kinds of concerns about this.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that the biggest problem with this is that it makes a lot of sense. Now you just have to get everyone involed to use some.

The AMA or World Superbike aren't ever going to become NASCAR.
41 - 49 of 49 Posts
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