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SmokeU and Airhawk. I'm not familiar with a bad second gear. I've never had an issue. Glad to hear it may be an easy fix if something does start to occur. What would be the symptoms?

BrowningBar, thanks for your thoughts.

It's a little less than double the amount, but none-the-less; still more than bluebook. It's not what I'm throwing in that matters, but the mileage and condition of the bike. That's why I'm putting it on a motorcycle forum. I figured the folks who know bikes would appreciate bike and it's condition. It's got less than 10k, and is in incredible shape. I've always maintained it right. (A car is an antique at 20 yrs; does that hold true for motorcycles too?)

Truthfully, it doesn't cost me much to keep around, and my girlfriend likes it better than my bigger bike (a CBR929) so I'm not really in a big hurry to sell it. (I must admit, the ride on the Katana is more comfy than the CBR...) If I find someone who appreciates the bike (I still think it's the best looking bike made; I love the color scheme/decals), then so be it. If I don't, I'm still going to enjoy riding it...

Take care,
10K miles and 20 years means bad seals and garage queen rot to me.
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