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Fork Maintenance Tips

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Why didn't I think of that?
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Thank you for this informative material.We do this upside down procedure outdoors w/my

Catapillar D7H Dozer using the bucket w/a hook.I put a guy on a fall arrest harness hanging w/bike to do inspection of forks at same time.Thankfully,as a contractor,I have the equipment to do this;most people do not.

However one can always rent a dozer for a day ,and not risk the hazzards of doing this indoors.

Recently my internist along w/shrink suggested that a little increase in my psychoactive drug meds may be beneficial.
Actually, why don't forks have drain ports at the bottom anymore? I've pondered this question for years. All I can come up with is they can't make them idiot proof. In which case perhaps they should stop putting drain plugs in the engine. Think of the possibilites for service departments as every oil change will involve engine removal.
Back in the '80s, when Gravity Inversion Boots were all the rage, I experienced a similar phenomenon with my body after some nights of heavy drinking. Stuff that was supposed to go out the bottom end invariably ended up going out the top end.
Inversion boots

I have a pair and they honestly disrupt the normal flow of effluent through the bowels, no shiiit.
There might be some useful information in this thread but it treds periously close to the "oil" trheads I used to encounter on a KLR 650 thread elsewhere. Gearheads have their place, but its not out in the open. Its with the pigeons who have similiar, specialiazed facilities, but not an ounce of wisdom or judgement as we know it. Pidgeons, gearheads, pretty much the same flock I say.
Oh, I get it, is stupid day. Boring and lame nonetheless
Does anybody really care?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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