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i have seen and rode a V3 and V5... one of my friends opened up a shop here in Western Mass... seels mostly 50-250cc scooters and 250cc bikes.... now the V3 & V5 for being automatics are not that all that bad for what they are.. and being a an area with 5 colleges in a 15miles radius... he has not had any real complaints about them from his customers... his only complaints are: the crating of the bikes and scooters leaves a lot to be desired and 7 out of 10 need to have the carbs removed and cleaned before they will even run right... needless to say 10-20 min for carb work is all it takes him now on each bike.

but like i said it is a 5 college area and the V3 & V5 keep them happy if they dont get a scooter... esp with the built in radio with mp3 hookup and being automatics (all girls college under a mile away.. they are book smart but dont get the concept or dont care to learn about shifting)
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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