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i had few heroes as i grew up. when i got into riding motorcycles, i also became aware of the racers, the guys who went fast. when i saw agostini ride, i knew motorbike racers could be heroes. freddie spencer became my hero, one i admire to this day. here is a guy who acheived greatness through dilligent effort and tireless pursuit of his goals. i wouldn't call them "comeback efforts", i look at it as refusal to stop doing the things he loves best. we are, after all, created equal, simply human. freddie is a little "more" than the rest of us, and for that we are all standing a little taller. i admire mike the bike, ago, king kenny, barry sheene, geoff duke, joey dunlop, but above them all...freddie, he's the man. congratulations on your honor, freddie, you deserve it.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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