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Friday, March 1st at MO

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Hopefully the first announcement is that the Yamaha FJR1300 is finally coming!!!!!! Yes, the greatest all around bike ever made is coming to U.S. soil. Happy days are here again. Sorry, I can't type anymore. I've got to go down to my dealer and tell them which color I want. Whoo Hoo!!!


First Post????
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Geez, I knew it!

You bastages are selling to NASCAR too aren't you!
Damn. You caught us! OK, early announcement: We're now NASCAR Online, focusing only on left-turning motorcycles. But really, don't despair -- you'll love it! There's something special about turning left. That whole right-hand thing is just so blase' nowadays.

Besides, when your tires wear out, you can always flip 'em! And that's just the first of many benefits we'll begin to explore tomorrow...
Only available in Silver........I can live with that! You can only get one by placing a $500.00 non refundable deposit between March 1 and April 30th.....I can live with that! Whoo Hoo!!! I'm going to be sport tur'n next fall baby!!

Could the surprise announcement have anything to do with John Burns, formerly of Motorcyclist, joining up? Nawwwwwwww..... ;-)
Alright, I know what it is. You got John Burns on staff now that he left Motorcyclist today. That's the biggie, isn't it? I would think that's huge, if it's true

Hmmm.... I'm BURNSing to find out what this major announcement might be!

We now return you to our regular programing. Back to you JOHN.
The ******** are gonna love it.

Nasbike fans unite!
Please, please, please...

Please tell me that one of the announcements will be John Burns' immediate employment. I might as well just cancel my subscription to Motorcyclist magazine right now. He, and maybe Marc Cook, were only reasons to pick up that rag. The Josh Norem hiring decision was enough reason to dump them, but letting John go?

Please, please, please...

Let it be TRUE!
Go ahead and cancel it. MC is a piece of *****...Burns was the only good thing happening at that rag. Marc Cooks is actually one of the reasons why he left too.....

If you are selling out Bill Gates I want my $10 back!
"The supersport world will never be the same"? What, an R6 replacement?

And the Burns thing would be cool, too. He's written a scary number of my favorite bike articles of all time, starting (for me) with the last issue of Cycle in 1992.

Now, if only you could get Peter Egan to telecommute....
i don't know, but your second "announcement will be about a yamaha.......theysay 3PM on their website,.....dont know what time thatmakes it for you????? i guess yall know already though and are just making uswait???
Woo hooo, Burnsy, you big sexy thing. I knew you would come back to us in one way or another.

kidding about the sexy part
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I guess they only have kneepucks on one side.
Soooo.. you're comment then is, "Burnsy, you big thing"? hmmmmm... eerrrrr... ooo-kaaayyy..

haha! .. just jokin' man.. couldn't pass it up :)

I subscribed right on time. Hey Burns, you must be uploading html already.
Bitter Little Man

If, indeed, you did hire Burns, please don't restrict him. I always felt he was holding back in the magazine.
Vote JPB

The addition of JPB would definitely take MO to the next level. During the subscription riots, er, discussions, I said something rude about the quality of the writing here. Of course I subscribed anyway because I'm weak, don't have enough to do at work, and it's only 11 bucks for god's sake. I'll gladly take back some of the mean things I've said if Messr. Burns has decided to come aboard.

I hope this will include a feature length version of "Bitter Little Man" which has to rank as one of the best editorial columns in the history of motojournalism.
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