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Friday's Goofy Video. There IS a Bike in Here.

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Hmmm... Alanis is either a) pissed cause she dont have much junk in her trunk b) She was denied a bump and grind video spot. or c) Does not qualify as a hot batty rider....The Duc is nice tho....

PS "Batty Rider" is Carib slang for big booty biker chicks....

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There are certain things that just aren't right- this is one.
Come on. It is hilarious. The lyrics of Fergie's song are stupid. It is about time someone made fun of it. I wonder if Alanis would consider a collaboration with Weird Al.
I'd shag her.
This is pretty funny; shows how ridiculous these lyrics are in a different context.

A similar thing is this version of Snoop Dog's Gin and Juice.

The difference here is the music is actually better than the original, unless you absolutely hate bluegrass.

Gin and Juice

Click this and listen to it; it's really funny. The video is some YouTuber's video take on it, the satiric song is about 5 years old.
Which one?

Shag which one, Alanis or Fergie?
I'm sick of not complaining.

Telling us not to complain is like telling polar bears to stop being white. It's just not going to happen.

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I love this place. =)

Re: I'm sick of not complaining.

Ban him!
sweet. that's a remake from the vermont band phish.

man that song takes me back (all of five years) to my university days. nice reference.
Re: Which one?

Re: I'm sick of not complaining.

OK, just as soon as I'm done laughing.........
Nice Work! It only could have been better if she had kept it a duet.
Do the Humpty-Hump!
Alanis Morissette singing about her humps?

Isn't that ironic?

Don't you think?
Actually the song is by the Gourds, lots of people think it's by Phish or Ween. They lyrics are of course by Snoop Dogg.
Bluegrass ain't nothin but ******* jazz. I love it!
As the guy who was afraid to fly said as he watched the ground spiral up at him.....
"How far do you suppose the plane will take us?"

"ALL the way to the Crash-Site, I reckon........."
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