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Friday's Ridiculous Bike Idea Video.

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So I guess the question is... WHY?
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A great woods bike, fersher, but I'd hate to stall it.
Because if you're a company that sells anything internal-combustion, you are obligated to stick your product in a motorcycle for publicity. This idea comes from the same fertile advertising minds who bring you commercials with smark-aleck grannies, talking animals and dancing babies (the real cutting-edge ad companies have smart-aleck animals, dancing grannies and talking babies.)

Basically, advertising agencies can be separated into two groups:

1) The guys who do the Geico caveman commercials.

2) Lazy, unimaginitive, trend-milking hacks.

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Put the Guinnes guys in group number one as well.

Wow I was glad I watched that at work so it wasnt the incredible waste of time it appeared to be. Can I get that 2 minutes of my life back please
No, but you can have a nice smack in da mouth!
Yep, that's a good one.
Excellent post.
..hmmmm..let me guess, Holland, right?

Zie wat een Nederlander doet wanneer hij teveel tijd op zijn handen heeft?

good use of facts/data
You go wash your mouth out with soap young man, and don't come in here talking that fith again.
Man, Sean can turn a phrase, can't he!?
Don't you mean, 'See what a ******* does when he has too much time on his hands?'

You don't have to be Dutch or American or any specific nationality to be a bonehead.

Shizuki is right though, it's really just a retarded publicity stunt.
Can I cut my shins on like I did when I was a kid sawing trees -- ouch that scar still smarts? No!? Well what good it is if I can't cut trees and ride fast at the same time. For shame!

The Buckaroo Bonsai in me digs it for the novelty, but methinks this nonsense signals why humanity shall be extinct sooner, rather than later.
Um, didn't we see this bike like two years ago?

Has everyone completely forgotten or am I just hallucinating again?
How true it is.

But as someone who's worked for some lazy, unimaginative, trend-milking hacks (and a few good ones too) I'm qualified to add something here.

It doesn't matter how brilliant you are if the client won't sign off on the work. And believe me, there are plenty of marketing people on the client side who don't want to risk their necks by approving something like the brilliant "Caveman" spots. Instead, they usually want something that sucks but probably won't cost them them their jobs if it fails. When it does fail, they blame the agency.

Oh, and...

...I recall seeing something on TV or the net about this bike and it seemed to imply that the idea came from the company themselves and not any agency. Although, we'll probably never know for sure.
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