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The final drive issues are overblown. Big thing for a hexhead is got make sure dealer changes "never change" oil at initial service. No excuse for this being overlooked - BMW NA made this mandatory a year or so ago. Should be changed at every Level II service (my opinion) - don't worry - IF you get one, you'll soon find out about Level I & II. If there is ANY confusion on your dealers part about when to change rear drive lube, get a new dealer - FAST!!

As for expense to maintain, not much more than a Japanese bike - my ST1100 Honda cost me near same as my 93 R100RT and current R1200RT. Recall that Ace said same long before me....

BMW did not handle the final drive failures well which is kinda their
"mo" - and has been for a long time. That is the one thing about the propeller folks that gets me hosed.

FYI, quite a few here are passionately not BMW folks. Their info generally is about 1/3rd right - which ain't good enough. I am a BMW fan having owned one for the last 15 yrs, so fair disclosure has been made. BMW's are not perfect and do need regular service. And they are NOT for everyone. And buying a new one is very expensive.

Many, many oilhead and hexhead owners will be quite surprised to hear that there bikes are not owner serviceable. Very surprised. But then they'd have to stop servicing their bikes to check an email from me to check this forum.

Confidential to Seruwaza: code readers for BMW bikes readily available to those of us who know the secret handshake. And Canbus is not as troublesome or fiddly as you keep saying.

Bloviator out - for good

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