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From Yossef, with Love

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Ok here we go since I got first post I will use this oportunity to ask a series of questions.

1. Is this going to be the base for the suzuki Superbike next year since the 4's go to 1000?

2. Is Yamaha going to get back into Superbike next year since they can use the R-1?

3. What will happen to Kawasaki? and for god sake why can't they update the ZX-9 to a ZX-10 and race the mo-fo.

4. If Eric Bostrom signed on to Kawasaki next year what bike is he going to ride ZX-9 in AMA or the GP?

Ok I am done. Oh one more thing that girl is hot. Ok that's it. Give me some answers Johnnyb.

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Re: What's that bike behind the gixxer

Very perceptive of you noticing the MPH and fahrenheit thingies! Actually, I was already certain that the big SV's were coming to the states since I'd spent some time channeling my demands to U.S. Suzuki execs about this right after I saw the pictures.

Sorry about my apparent whineage concerning the Honda 919 chain lenth. I wasn't being defensive, just going for a chuckle. It all went so terribly wrong!
Okay. I finally took the plunge and paid for a subscription to something I can't actually hold in my hands, mainly because I just couldn't wait for the rags to get around to reporting the new stuff from Intermot. Well, it didn't hurt that J. Prurient Burns is now at least sharing the helm.

There's got to be a hell of a lot more at Intermot than has made its way to your website, however; I hope the reason we haven't seen it is because all you guys (and ladies, if the pictures of Ashley are to be believed--and I really, really want to believe) are burning up the keyboards, making things beautiful before you spring loads of stuff upon us all at once.

Best regards from the Sunshine State.
My, oh my - what a beauty! She looks like a great ride. Really. I mean the bike. Really. This new model year has me sportin' more wood than ever... SV1000, R6, now this - whew, I just can't take it anymore - I'm gonna go riding...
Hey, Yossef, did you make it over to the Guzzi stage, yet? Wow!
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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