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FSCK'ing computers are THE DEVIL!

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We tried to find a reason to blame this on someone else, preferable Honda, but couldn't. As with most things wrong @MO, it's our own clod-headedness that is our undoing. ;-)

Just kidding, we're not going to harm Sean, nothing is Honda's fault, there's no conspiracy here, and all that.

Sorry about the slowtime, though, hope we didn't ruin your morning. It sure ruined ours!
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Re: No Problemo

It made me work a bit more this morning. I coulda swore my boss did it.
Not a problem. We all know $h!t happens!

But to show you our hearts are all in the right spot, the next time something like that happens, just call us. You can stay and fix those computers from Hell. We'll take all those cool bikes out, ride them hard, put them away wet and then write the article for ya'!

After all, what are friends for?

Prairie Dog
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Back in elementary school, you'd have said "The Dog ate my homework". Now you say "The intern pulled our cables."

Why do those two statements sound very similar?

Look guys, we know you are priveleged folk who don't have to store the tools in the shop, since you've conned manufacturers into giving you motorcycles to ride, but since running computers is the way you make your living, why don't you go off to a surplus shop (there are lots of 'em in OC and south LA county) and get some racks to mount your computers? And some plumber's tape so they don't all get busted when the next earthquake tries to push the racks over.

Oh well, I just figured you had forgotten to pay the phone bill when you went dead.. You did pay it, didn't you?

I can almost hear it now, "The intern didn't pay the phone bill."
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It's okay guys just do like the rest of us in the computer/internet industry do..

Blame it on Microsoftstool

It works.. trust me..


"The Elixer of life"
Re: No Problemo

Yeah same here, I thought they messed with my computer last night. But then again I don't think anyone I work with would know how to do such a thing.
count me in for that too. I reckon that's a great idea. And also give us a call when you get the computers back online so that we can upload the stories for ya.

After all people are always going on about wanting a different perspective.

They are rackmounts. On rails, even. With locking covers so no one can hit the power buttons. Lead-acid batteries with remote-managed power ports below, cables, network switch and monitor swithport in back. Redundant hot-swap power supplies, hot-swap RAID arrays, load-balanced servers with near-realtime addition and removal from the weighted-least-connection server pool so any three of the four main servers can be taken off line and fixed without you noticings.

None of which helps against a good stiff yank on the uplink cables' end. :-(

Oh B.S.!

The only thing I gave a good stiff yank on, well... let's just say I've never heard it referred to as an "Uplink Cable"

I DID however make sure to lube all the processors with Wesson Oil, so they wouldn't squeak and would be less fattening than processors lubed with Crisco.
I now have an image of Sean at work that is very similar to Homer Simpson. I can hear him saying DOOOOO! when he pulled on the cable. MOron's you must do the rest of the world a favor and make sure that Sean never works for a nuclear plant.

Oh well, my life continued just as it always does even without MO this morning.

Take care,

I work in the industry for the last 13 years and I start every meeting with "I hate computers..."

If you need help let me know... :)
Microsoft is the Borg.

Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.
F-U-C-K Honda! I don't care how drunk some of you have gotten at past events, that's no excuse to not give you bikes anymore. I think I might invest in a Ural next time just to ***** Honda off.
Don't be so hard on Sean. Heck, we had one customer whose network started crashing every night at the same time, only to start working again about 40 minutes later. Since we couldn't find anything wrong with our equipment, we'd page the customer, who would drive to his office only to find the network up and running just fine (and, he naturally assumed we had a screwed up network). Long story short -- one night, the customer stayed late to see what was going on. Lo and behold, at the appointed time, the cleaning lady showed up with her vacumn cleaner in hand. Since all the power plugs were being used, she reached down and unplugged the closest (which happened to be the router) so that she could plug in her vacumn cleaner.

So, maybe Sean really did have a 'good' reason to yank that cable. Maybe he just couldn't find the cable stretcher. Or, maybe he just wanted an excuse to go riding all over town visiting all the computer stores. But, if you are still po'd at him, send him out for 50' of landing strip, and some extra sailboat fuel.

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Oh yah, that'll really pee Honda off and no doubt adversely affect their quarterly profits as well.

I've heard that Iraq needs to hire a new Information Minister...your complete grasp of unreality would make you perfect for the position!
Well I'm sorry to say that the outage didn't do wonders for me as Tuesday morning I quickly ran out of things to do at work and decided to go for a quick jaunt on MO and see what was new. Iwas a bit diasppointed when it wouldn't come up, but in the end its not really a big deal because I have gotten mmore than my money's worth out of MO...and you were back up in the afternoon. Keep up the good work, hopefuully Honda will have a change of heart and you guys will able to flog a CBR600RR and see if they are as good as they look.

Don't forget the two quarts of Elbow Grease needed to lube every bridge and router in the building.
As for me, I already know, thanks to MO, that the Yamaha R6 is the best street 600, so I'll be looking for one of those with a salvage title or stolen.
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