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Yea it's a scooter. It can't compete performance wise. If you have scooter performance you got to be around 3,000 or 4,000 dollars. Even then a ninja 250 is a bargain if you take a closer look. People would buy this thing if it came in around 4,000 . At 6000 it's a rich mans put aside toy.
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Re: Bets anyone?

Kpaul is doing well, please don't antagonize him. Really.

Re: The Hydrogen Hoax

I did, I own two diesels, a 2005 Ford truck (in Thailand) and a Monaco Dynasty Princess, the former gets about 35 mpg on the highway and the latter, oh, maybe seven, but it sure rolls in style.

So, I'm going to big a big financial backer of biodiesel ;-)

I wanted a Jeep Liberty diesel here in the USA, but you can't buy them in California and I really just had to have a Benz. Buzz, you know how that goes.

Brazil is mostly ethanol these days, and they produce it

from sugar cane grown there. They have something like 250 million acres available to grow more, and they're just about there in being self-supported with renewable fuels. It's been a 30-year campaign. Most impressive. Why couldn't we have done the same after the 1970s embargo?

Almost all new cars in Brazil can run on gasoline, ethanol or any mix between the two. They maintain a small gasoline reserve near the engine for cold-starting needs.

Biodisel and ethanol are the no-big-thinkers-needed solution to being energy independent. Heck, civilian and agrarian waste can be processed into fuel -- eat and consume more and have more fuel! What could be better for America?
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Re: PetroDiesel has the smell Buz not Bio

Ummm.... french fries....
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