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Fuel Cell Motorcycles

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Yea it's a scooter. It can't compete performance wise. If you have scooter performance you got to be around 3,000 or 4,000 dollars. Even then a ninja 250 is a bargain if you take a closer look. People would buy this thing if it came in around 4,000 . At 6000 it's a rich mans put aside toy.
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Reading the posts may be more interesting than the article.

I think the (overly)environmental segment of the country is really missing the opportunity of all time. They keep sharing all these benefits of alternative fuel with anyone that will listen.

Now, let's say you stop spending the majority of your time *****ing about the rape of everything and focus on the global fuel issue. Now, with 7 more hours in your work day, you can focus on developing a company that will provide the exact product you think should be used for everyones power needs.

It really does get old to hear how everyone is an idiot....this is the fuel of the future.....gas is evil....O.K. I should get a grant for something now because this screwed up country owes me a living.

Simple solution: You don't need to convince me there is a better fuel source. Develop it with out the "evil" special interest funds and run every big oil company out of business.

Nothing quite like jelly beans and few diet cokes to get ya good and fired up.
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Complain or do it yourself. OK, I'll do it myself with your money.
I heard you the first time.

I didn't say people don't have good ideas. The beautiful thing about the US of A is the ability to let the public decide if "they" want to support your good ideas.

On the subject of YOU, I find it interesting that you have chosen a "hobby" that directly contradicts your better world microcosm.

Am I wrong in assuming that you are not an engineer for an alternative fuel interprise? Stop armchair quarterbacking, persue your passion and bring the ignorant masses a better way of life.
You are standing too close.

Hiking may be one of the things you could do to avoid fueling the "Bush war for oil" agenda.

One person can make a difference.
Re: You are standing too close.

I must say 40+ mpg is pretty damn good. That' got to be 5+ more than most people are averaging.

You need to realize that I was ranting in general. I wasn't busting your balls until you threw them up on the table.

I'm not particularly pleased with the war, the state of the country or the current environmental condition.

However, my sweeping generalization of whiners stands. I can't be expected to wrap my small mind around the intricacy of the reasoning behind solving any problems by pointing a finger......

Now back to my motorcycle enthusiast web site.
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1 - 5 of 69 Posts
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