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Fuel the fund: AMA contributes $100,000 to Crash-Study Fundraising Effort

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Well only 2.7 million to go to get the matching funds for the Feds. Great idea. However, I wonder if the AMA could find some more funds by eliminating the funky membership pins and window decals. Also the cutting the funds spent lobbying against helmet laws.. Just a thought.. Also maybe Harley, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, Ducati etc could chip in. Yes I am member of the AMA, since 2001.
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I agree on all counts. It'd be nice to see the whole of the industry step up and make this happen. We need a REAL comprehensive study on crashes... though I don't want airbags and roll-bars on my bike, so I'm scared of the outcome to.

Sidenote: I gave up on the AMA years back (was a member from '84-'89) after some a*hole reps at a tradeshow found answering relevant questions beneath them. Hopefully that's not the norm... but those pins and decal sure aren't going to draw in members.
Hey, Buz - Gerald Ford died.

"However, I wonder if the AMA could find some more funds by eliminating the funky membership pins"

Screw that. They make great tie-tacks. And I'm getting pretty close to twenty years, which should be cool-looking.
"but those pins and decal sure aren't going to draw in members."

One would think the whole "huge lobby of riders speaking as one powerful voice to protect our riding rights" would be enough of a draw. Even outweighing a couple of unfriendly reps at a single show twenty years ago. That's why I cough up $39 hard-earned dollars every year even when it hurts.
And here I thought for all these years that posting actual news on this "news" website was prohibited.

R.I.P., Mr. Ford, and sympathy to the family.

Oh great. Now not only do we have Buzzardglyd we have schizuzzardki as well.
Right on. Let's spend millions more dollars to find out what we already know. And then do nothing as usual. Does anyone remember the last time the Fed got really interested in motorcycle safety? We almost got seat belts, automatic kill switches in the seats and linked braking forced on us. Heaven only knows what demented ideas the nanny-staters are going to come up with this time to "solve" whatever problems the study thinks it finds.

Ah, well. No need to let reality intrude. At least this'll make a lot of people feel good.
Popularity of motorcycling will be its undoing. It boils down to this. Few people have the physical and mental skill to ride a motorcycle well, and fewer still work on their skills on a consistant basis. With the popularity of motorcycling rising rapidly, there is always a large mass of idiots that should be nowhere near a motorcycle, much less riding one. As the off themselves in ever increasing numbers, the long time rider gets stuck with the consequences. This is why we have stupid laws to load up everyone with all the protective gear they can handle and hope for the best. Certainly training, tougher testing and education will help, but most people aren't going to be very good anyway, so we already know what is going wrong, and it's the inability of John Q. to really get a grasp of riding a motorcycle. There is no comprehensive safety solution short of banning motorcycles entirely, or making the requirements to ride a motorcycle so tough, that the masses stay away in droves. Not good for the sport or the manufacturers, but it's great for safety. Hopefully, motorcycling will go back to obscurity, and we can be free of all the hand wringing by our public officials.
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Tougher testing? Ha! That'll be the day. Have you seen the numbers of doddering elderly that are still allowed to drive? The AARP will ensure that the most incompetent and dangerous drivers are issued licenses.
Man, I have a story when I was at the DMV getting my address changed that would scare the hell out of you. This old Polish guy walks in with his daughter and he has to be 90 and she explained that he just came over and is looking to get his license. Can't speak a word of English, he's mostly deaf, and has glasses that have Coke bottle lenses. Well the daughter is translating and screaming at him because he can't hear, and he doesn't really understand what the hell is going on. I'm saying to my wife "Watch, they are going to give this guy a license!" I kept watching this scene and I can't see how they just didn't tell this guy his driving days are over. Anyway, he has to fill out this form first, and he has no f$cking idea what they want him to do, so they tell him to go home and get the form filled out by someone and get some identification and come back tomorrow. I'm sure the guy is driving around somewhere today. Scares the shyt out of me.
Fo' Shizzle.

--The Fox
I hold grudges and the AMA lost me years ago. A recent open house at a dealership with AMA reps just proved to me once again that at least the reps (not the organization), don't seem to want new memberships from people that "appear" to not have money (or perhaps it was because I wasn't riding a Ducati, Hog or BMW). Don't know, and at this point, don't care. Regardless... if I get snubbed repeatedly, you never get my money... ever!

Seeing the fiasco that AMA Superbike racing is too (even if they're only modestly associated with the racing circuit), I still find the AMA's ability to find the "pulse" of motorcyclist here in the states somewhat dubious. Unless I missed some big promo or announcement, I'd love to see some new blood and "attitude" spring forth from them, or some other pro-motorcycle organization.
Yep. I know here in California, you can see lax testing or even outright favoritism or uncaring about enforcing licensing rules at the DMVs. Fair testing of everyone would be great. Of course I more scared of the stats on how many unlicensed drivers are out there.
Try living on the West Coast. Ever heard of DWA? it's incredible how poorly some of them drive. About a week ago I almost had a Camry for lunch. I was in my Exploder pulling on to the freeway looking over my shoulder to gage when I could pull in and accelerating, when I turned back around Mama-San had stopped dead at the end of the on ramp and was waiting to pull on. I dropped the anchor on my my ABS then managed to steer around her and onto the freeway. All the cars behind me did pretty much the same while she sat there without a clue.
"I know I am getting better at golf because I am hitting fewer spectators."

And yet, they won't let you put a license plate on your dirt bike.
Motorcycle Crash Causation Study

"The actual funding provided for 2006 and expected for 2007 will represent a total reduction of 828,000 below the levels authorized by Congress for this study."

"The Federal share is 50%."

"The American Motorcycle Association may provide assistance with dissemination."

For more on this Fact Sheet go to:

Contacts are firnish on this Fact Sheet if you have any questions.

We need this study, obviously!!!

Garry Van Kirk

Bikers Accident Survivor Forum
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