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I figured that Fukui's names would generate some comment and you guys didn't disapoint!

For anybody who cares to know anything about his, this was posted on Colin Edwards' site by Tracy Hagen, who knows one hell of a lot more about these things than I do, in response to a similar article I had posted there:

Author: Tracy Hagen

Date: 04-22-03 21:33

Regarding Fukui's involvement with motorsports, he was head of HRC prior to Oguma. Fukui, I believed, actually created HRC out of the old RSC group. He recognized that HRC had to be branded and marketed to be the recognized racing function of Honda.

He is an extraordinary engineer. He has numerous patents, including the final design of the NR oval piston rings that stumped Honda engineers for years.

I am not sure of Fukui's involvement with F1. As HRC and Honda R&D are not geographically far from the F1 boys at Honda and Mugen, I reckon he's well known over there.


Tracy Hagen


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Re: While you are all giving Fukui a hard time for his name

This was posted on our local site recently in NZ and might help give KPaul some further enthusiasm towards Fukui's products:

"This from a friend who runs the Ohlins WSB and Supersport effort - kind of explains why the new ZX6 did so poorly (and yes Kawasaki is one of his customers): "The 2003 ZX6RRRRRR... does this look like a bike in need of a course of steroids? Check out the figures; Suzuki GSXR 600 (vintage racer), 128hp, Yamaha R6 130hp, Honda CBR..... 134hp!!! Kawasaki ZX6RR .............................114hp!!!!!!!!!! (all figures rear wheel hp measured on Arrow Exhaust Systems Dyno same day, same track, same increasingly sad Öhlins tech sitting crying into his beer whilst he watched !"

Fukui seems to have them Fukked here.


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