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Function Follows Form: Good-Looking Gear that Works Well

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Some leather-conditioner would probably soften that Primer jacket right up. You can even apply it whilst watching a MotoGP or Superbike race.

Some might squawk and b!tch and moan like "aaagh! don't use mink oil" or "aaagh! don't use neatsfoot oil" or something. Pooh! I've been using both of them for years - if it's real leather, actually designed to be worn, used and abused; it won't hurt it a bit.

I've a Kobe jacket that's gone 5 years and about 65k-miles using Kiwi brand leather-conditioner, and mink-oil (about once a year). I've only started "retiring" it this year (and that's semi-retirement).

Now that "fashion leather" crap will probably fall-apart or rot if you use this stuff on it.

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Cool gear. The Kevlar jeans look reasonable... if you MOrons think regular jeans are good enough, I send you pictures of my jeans I crashed in.... Better yet I'll send you pictures of my hairy white legs with the road rash..I wasn't going that fast 35 mph I think..
I've heard good things about Pecard leather dressing.

Prolly be a good idea to ask a historical museum curator what they use.
What's that at the end, an application to be on Dancing with the Stars? Nightmares tonight guaranteed.

I looked at a Shift jacket about this time last year and had similar issues with fitment, they seemed specifically cut for someone who was not me.
Send us pictures of a young Michael Douglas on steroids!
I crashed in khakis, and they didn't even wear through...and I slid quite a ways, too. However, that was blind luck and I wouldn't recommend it (and, admittedly, it was on concrete, not asphalt).

Hmmm, just what we need another motorcycle gear product line primarily based on the color black. I want solar collectors for my house, not for overheating my body while I'm out riding.
I bought a pair of Shift gloves in 2004 and they last atleast one season. Not sure of the model, but it was a basic leather glove w/0 wrist proteciton and had a chrome plastic piece to guard the knuckles. It fit well, but overall quality wasn't that good. The leather started to rip on me and on of the seams in the finger came undone.

Recently, I replaced them with a pair of Joe Rockets that are similar to their Supermoto glove, but isn't full leather (great for summer). Well, I should have headed all the warnings I heard about Joe Rocket, because the left middle finger seam has already come undone after only three weeks of owning these. Jeez, they cost me $40.

Next time I'll just pay a bit extra for the Alpinestars and hopefully not have to deal with this. Their (APS) top of the line track glove provides good ventilation, excellent feel and so far excellent quality.
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Horse owners have used saddle soap forever. It works pretty well on my 20 year old red leather saddlebags. The stitching has required repair but the leather itself is just fine.
hated the fit and finish on the gloves- tossed for joe rockets. love the airborne jacket. have ridden with it for a year all over the SE (live in ATL).
If you're looking for high quality above all else, please take a look at Lee Parks or Ku****ani gloves.

(Warning: if you order the Ku****anis sight-unseen, be sure to get one size larger than you think you'll need as they run small. OTOH they stretch into a custom fit better than any other cowhide glove I've used.)
For some reason their gear has never appealed to me too much. $130 gloves in which the graphics peal off during a test period would probably not earn my purchase. Like others, I've tried on multiple jackets and not found the right size.

Really happy with my Teknic Sprint 2 in 1 jacket where the outside zips off to leave a perforated jacket. 75K miles and and it's only problem is it's a bit dirty.
I wish someone would come out with some good (actually, GREAT) cold-weather gloves for a decent price.

I'd like to see a pair of three-fingered gloves, water-resistant, with a thick layer of Gore-Tex (or similar) insulation on the top/outside, in a pre-curved shape.

They'd have a big gauntlets to go over the sleeves, and a convenient cinching system.

They'd also have replaceable squee-gee wipers on the left index finger, and a big strip of reflective piping up the little finger to the end of the gauntlet.

Think $60 -$80 is reasonable?

Should I cue the Flying Monkeys?
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I'd contact JR.

They've been very supportive when I had problems. Which have been few.
I use my snowmobile gloves and they work just fine. Not expensive either. Apparently if you label anything as a motorcycle accessory the price doubles.
Red leather saddlebags?

You buy Michael Jackson's old bike?
I'm a Lee Parks fan as well and did you know the deerskin actually serves to ward off deer jumping in front of you?
What would you do with your 4th finger? Cut it off?
I've used neatsfoot oil on my Full Bores (that I got at the age of 17) and they still look damn good. I use them for VMX stuff.

Also apply neatsfoot to my Bill Walters Leathers...after every ride.
Naw. I just didn't want the same old tired black bags that the sheeple all buy.

No fringe either!

Although I do still have a "Neil Young" fringed jacket! It's been difficult to get all the marijuana seeds out of the pockets let me tell ya.
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