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Function Follows Form: Good-Looking Gear that Works Well

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Some leather-conditioner would probably soften that Primer jacket right up. You can even apply it whilst watching a MotoGP or Superbike race.

Some might squawk and b!tch and moan like "aaagh! don't use mink oil" or "aaagh! don't use neatsfoot oil" or something. Pooh! I've been using both of them for years - if it's real leather, actually designed to be worn, used and abused; it won't hurt it a bit.

I've a Kobe jacket that's gone 5 years and about 65k-miles using Kiwi brand leather-conditioner, and mink-oil (about once a year). I've only started "retiring" it this year (and that's semi-retirement).

Now that "fashion leather" crap will probably fall-apart or rot if you use this stuff on it.

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I tend to extend your philosophy far, far beyond just the garment industry and that's not being a snob.

I demand value for money because it's MY money.
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