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Function Follows Form: Good-Looking Gear that Works Well

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Some leather-conditioner would probably soften that Primer jacket right up. You can even apply it whilst watching a MotoGP or Superbike race.

Some might squawk and b!tch and moan like "aaagh! don't use mink oil" or "aaagh! don't use neatsfoot oil" or something. Pooh! I've been using both of them for years - if it's real leather, actually designed to be worn, used and abused; it won't hurt it a bit.

I've a Kobe jacket that's gone 5 years and about 65k-miles using Kiwi brand leather-conditioner, and mink-oil (about once a year). I've only started "retiring" it this year (and that's semi-retirement).

Now that "fashion leather" crap will probably fall-apart or rot if you use this stuff on it.

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Am I the only one tired of riding gear that has the manufacturer's name emblazoned all over it? I want a jacket, not a leather billboard for the company.

They should pay the wearer for advertising.
+1 for the Lee Parks deer sports. I bought some thin little high-tech gloves to wear under the deer sports in cold weather.
Just fill the pockets with potting soil and let nature take its course!
alpinestars st-1 drystar- water resistant and great for cold weather. although, it doesn't get much below 40 in ATL in the winter- they are built well and work fantastic.
You're not the only one. I have a Joe Rocket Phoenix jacket, which is fairly nice overall, but two shoulder patches, a logo just under the neck, and the huge Rocket logo at the tail is obnoxious. I've been meaning to remove the patches and tail logo for awhile but haven't got around to it.
Love the Parks gloves, but be warned: very tight around the wrist.

You can have my elderly Bates Deerskin gloves when you pry them - along with various firearms - from my cold dead fingers.
You do need to leave your wrist watch at home for sure.
You will see me at Willow Springs next summer longride ......I am suprised you didn't make this list
Wow.. Was that Stain Resistant (Buz recomends to us nerds) or the regular khakis? I wrecked on asphalt... We only have concrete on some of the interstates here. Think they are going to asphalt cause of the cost and it's less slippery during the rain... i.e concrete was 60s 70s thing I think..
LOL I'll race you too..
Just a clarification for rare reader not in the know: the "anti-plumber's crack butt loop" is to loop around your belt. If/when you come off the bike and start sliding down the pavement, it prevents the jacket from riding up and exposing your back. Teknic has those loops in their jackets, too.
+1 on Ku****ani. They make some of the best quality gear on the planet. Their ventilated gloves REALLY ventilate, and are [email protected] comfortable. Also, I haven't seen better leather in use by *any* other manufacturer, even the customs.

No, I don't work for them.
Real rodeo cowboys use Lexol (maybe they cleaned up with saddle soap first). I also use it on my BMW (auto) leather seats.
I think it's funny if you consider a garment good if it lasts for five years. I'm not that old but I've been riding a long time and would expect better than that. I would expect five years from a good pair of gloves-- and I ride every day. I would expect 10 years or more from my leathers. Admittedly, I saved up long ago for Vanson leathers and I wear Ku****ani and Held gloves, which are of excellent quality. But when I hear of people thinking in terms of a season, or just a few seasons tops as their timeframe, I begin to wonder how many people only go in and out of motorcycling for just a short time period, or who ride only infrequently. If you ride, the premium gear is an outstanding value due to its quality and longevity...and you'll enjoy that quality all through the product's life. I realize I'm going to sound like a snob, but what I mean to stress is that it IS worth saving up for premium gear if you're a committed rider. Very worth it. In fact, you will save money in the long run because you won't be upgrading your gear (trying to correct for the cheap gear's foibles) or replacing prematurely worn out gear. There are lots of premium brands out there, like Vanson, Helimot, Held, and yes, I'd agree with Sean and also rate Ku****ani as the absolute best available...spring for the good stuff whenever you can.
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OT question for the MO staff-

Are you guys sitting on some cool embargoed news that you'll print when the Intermot show opens? I'm assuming Intermot is the show that kicks off the 2007 model year (generally).
Do Lee Parks' gloves have some sort of visor wiper? It appears not, judging from his site.

I tend to extend your philosophy far, far beyond just the garment industry and that's not being a snob.

I demand value for money because it's MY money.
"next summer "

Next summer never really comes for you, does it?
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