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Gabe says, 'Have a laugh.'

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Sounds like that boy might be short maybe one or more wisdom teeth.

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I sent the two posts above this to my brother-in-law, who has an obnoxious beagle. Now he's all puckered that he can't post, because he's an 'anonymous squid', and he wants me to stand up for his dog's integrity.

Frankly, I can't see what's not to like about beagles. They have gorgeous fur (which would make a wonderful hat), they countersurf, they bark insanely loud, they pee and ***** on the floor, they snuggle with small children (my three year old daughter says, "Ezra tried to snuggle with me" when the damned dog attempts to mount her) - I mean, hey a beagle's a laugh riot!

How much was that gun?
Re: Beagles

Now, Dave, don't get pissed: I like Ezra a lot, but I'd have an easier time if he'd stop trying to hump my little girl. And he's one of the few dogs my dog won't eat, so that's a real bonus.
stop it, stop it - you'll start a flamefest.

"See, inline 4s produce much worse ring of fire"

"No way, HD gives you 'roids"

"well v-twins in general are better than those *** bikes for red eye"

etc, etc
Re: Beagles


tell me, with your rep around here, you did not just admit having a poodle, a dachsund, a yorkie, and a pekingese? You can't just toss out a factoid like that in a crowd of sharks like this.

As far as I am concerned, howling a lot and getting lost easily is only a good trait when you live on 10,000 plus acres. Other than that, I don't think I'd recommend a beagle. The one I know is smart enough to find all available scrap food, and to ignore his owner almost 100%. I'm not sure that is a good thing, smarts wise. If you want the howl without the spastic nature, go for a bloodhound.

My dog is a somewhat vicious chesapeake bay/malamute mix (not really vicious, but enough of an antisocial streak to send many large dogs packing with superficial wounds - oddly enough she has a tendency to pick up and throw little dogs without hurting them), and for some reason the spinning wheels of the beagle seem to entertain her instead of inspiring either her prey drive or her fear aggression, which often results in larger dogs bleeding. But she's a complete sweetheart with kids, and my wife and I.
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