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Garson Does Laverda

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For those of you not watching WSB, I feel sorry for you. With 3 races to go 4 men had a shot at the title. Due to much drama during a warm-up lap and a crash by Nori down a straight, it's pretty much down to 2. If Vermulen (probably spelled wrong, don't wet yer pants) can get some good luck, he still might have a shot. Great racing!!
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Great read, wonderful motorcycles, and that Alan looks like a young Michael Douglas on steroids!
I always thought that the twins were cool. Didn't Evil Knievil use a Laverda derived 750 for some of his jumps? VWW
Australia should be proud of Vermeulen

Yep it was great stuff. I love the sportmanship shown by the Italian rider giving Vermeulen a ride to the pits. Vermeulen is a great kid.
I thought everyone in California looked like that. That reminds me off someone......Can't think who.....It'll come to me....

And yes cool bikes
As far as I know he always used an XR750, except for his Snake River jump.

Prolly' would have made it on a Laverda.
He jumped a Triumph at least once. For most of his jumps he used a Harley XR with the 3 inch suspension on both ends. No wonder he fell so much! LOL
Ya' gotta' hand it to him, jumping bus's on a 600lb. bike with three inchs of travel takes some serious nads.
For all those who think Harleys vibrate badly, please ride a Laverda triple or any British parallel twin. Those will teach you the true meaning of "paint-shaker".
Is it just me, or does anyone else notice the striking resemblance the Laverda motor has with a Honda 305 powerplant?

Great article. More vintage please!

Laverda Love

Ah to be smitten with the likes of Laverda. Truly a great read. Thank you very much.
As I recall he made several jumps on an American Eagle that had a white gas tank. I believe that those bikes were rebadged Laverdas. Anybody have more info?
Heh heh. Next time try reading the article first.
Re: thisaintnoFOOLINaround

Durn swabby, all they do is look at the pi'chers
Re: Dope lid

Alans helmet should be required for any Italian bike, looks really cool.

I need to find an Aria Cathcart rep. for my Triumph, that's assuming my back-orderd front brake pads ever show up so I could actually RIDE it.
Re: thisaintnoFOOLINaround

I cana read....
Huh. Interesting tidbit - his primary bike he bought new in '84. 11k miles. All of 550 miles per year. Even for a fair weather rider, that's not much.
I think the caption says, "though not his daily rider."
Yet another reminder why the 999, multi-strada, etc. are so offensive. I never did care much for the sport-touring Laverda’s looks but the rest of the Laverdas were lovely to behold. The newbies just don't look any where near as good as the older ones. What a shame they couldn't revive the true spirit of the older lineage.
Re: Dope lid

I need to find an Aria Giovanni ;)
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