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gas cap removal

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Help! My buddy just showed up with a <06 Thruxton.He can,t get the gas cap off.Any advice??
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Frequently "factory fresh" bikes have gas caps that become slightly siezed due to the new plastic and recently pressed metal. Get a propane torch. Gently warm the gas cap with the torch, using a circular motion. At some point the gas cap is sure to come off the tank.

Or. call the dealer in the morning.
Either MSCuddy or Sarnali (Both Forum Mods) had a Thruxton, they should be able to help you out. I don't think either are online, currently.

Have you tried cursing at it and maybe throwing something in anger?
Where is Mr. Cuddy? I haven't seen a post from him in some time.
Some people might actually do it.

Martimus! Ken is joking. DO NOT take a gas torch anywhere near your gas tank. Trust me on this.
Ya know...I sat there for a minute or two thinking maybe I should add a disclaimer...then I said nah, nobody can be that dumb! Then again, they do have to put the "WARNING, GASOLINE IS FLAMMABLE" stickers on bikes.

Martimus! Ken is joking. DO NOT take a gas torch anywhere near your gas tank. Trust Seruzawa on this.

Instead, fill the bottom six inches of an ordinary household pan with lightweight oil. Put the pan on the stove and apply heat. Add sliced potatos and cook until golden brown. Eat the fried potatos and consume beer until the dealership opens.
... is replace that crummy British gas cap with the original French Gas Capaeu that it was copied from.
They come in a nice cork verson, or my favorite, the Bleu Cheese Stuffed Olive style.
f*ckin' Hippy, where's the cops when you need them eh?
They're all busy buying automatic weapons and beating OJ senseless.
1 - 6 of 40 Posts
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