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GBA Vintage Feedback

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Vintage racing is cool! And relatively cheap too.

Too bad there isn't any at any at a reasonable distance to where I live. It'd be neat to wring out an old Ducati 250 single again.

And you get the same amount of national recognition whether you race around on a CBR600 or a 305 Superhawk. You also get the same chance of getting a factory ride.
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So can I enter my "03 Harley in a vintage race?
No, but you could enter an '03 Royal Enfield...

Talk about vintage, WWWaaaaay back when, when I had my 200 Tiger Cub my buddy had a 250 Ducati, we used to skip school and go racing around rural roads trying to be Barry Sheene.

It's incredible how much fun a mis-spent youth can be.
Death of the twins in racing!

Racing Superhawks! Sheesh, don't these guys realize that twins are DEAD in racing. Inline fours reign supreme these days. Come on, wake up and smell the high test!
I've always liked the thought of Vintage Racing,

and I get to go to mid OH this weekend to check it out in person.

Re: Death of the twins in racing!

Twins are also dead on the street.
I was really disappointed when the AHRMA circuit didn't make a stop at Hallett this year. My dad and I have made a point of attending vintage events whenever we can (he rides a '71 R75/5), and it really is cool to watch the old-timers out on the track. The first year we went there was a 78-year-old guy spanking a cobbled-together, suicide-shift '48 Harley racer around the track. Really something to see. Plus, I get to drool over all those old bevel-head Ducs and smell that nifty hot-oil smell when the British bikes come off the track and head back to paddock. Good stuff.
Re: Death of the twins in racing!

You squids don't have a clue! I bet any of those people can humble any of your R-1, GXSR mounted "dudes" any time any where.
I had the privilege to share Firebird International Raceway with most of the vintage riders present for an AHRMA weekend of racing this past April.

On Friday we had a track day event going and the racers used that track time to set up and practice for the Saturday and Sunday races.

What a humbling experience! These racers "smoked" so many riders mounted on the latest equipment (myself included) That it was not even funny.
Re: Death of the twins in racing!

Uhhh, that was sarcasm.... Remisicient of Kpaul.... I think these old bikes are actually really cool. Not sure about gsxr dude, seems your not the only one who took me seriously.
Re: Death of the twins in racing!

Actually, I own an old CB 750F that won't "win any races". I don't ride it much, but every time I think about getting rid of it I take it for a little ride to charge up the battery, and I don't want to get rid of it any more. I would probably be able to get rid of it if I had one of those cool little Superhawks to take it's place.
Re: Death of the twins in racing!

I caught the sarcasm alright.....I'm just trying to stir things up a little.
Re: Death of the twins in racing!

No doubt!! By the way, why did you play the "squid" card so quickly?
Thanks for the a vintage racer(MX) I really all might like to check out one if the California AHRMA National MX races this fall. It might be an eye opener for some of your cant appreciate the modern stuff until youve seen an old BSA/AJS/Matchlees/Triumph /Ducatietc romp around a track. by the way just returned from VMD Mid Ohio.You should have seen Jay Springsteen winning every race he entered on an XRTT!!
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