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Gel seat for M50

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Is that the old Savage? Does it need a gel seat? Do what I do with my old Triumph - ride it slower over shorter distences.
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You might try the gel seat available from Suzuki -- $220
Its a bit like Marauder 800. Suzuki changed all of them names, Savage is now S40. I just don´t get it how people could prefer moped sounding "S40".

- cruiz-euro
Try one of those imitation shearling covered gel pads from JC Whitney. The gel part slides into the faux shearling seat cover through a zipper in the back of the cover. They're cheap and they work ok. They're held in place with two inch-wide-or-so u-shaped clasps that fit underneath your seat edge and are snugged up to hold the pad in place. A large one is about $80. I've used one on my ST1100 and ridden a couple of 800 mile days with it. Not great but better than the stock seat and not a ton of money either.
M50 is the redesigned 800 Intruder. 805cc V-twin- I believe they have left the shaft drive off this one.
I own an Intruder 1400. I haven't ridden on the gel seat, but riders on the forum on Intruder Alert have said the Suzuki gel seat is a BIG improvement.
IMHO, a largish "six" is easier to sit on, as the Ischial Tuberosities (forgive my spelling) don't pressure the skin so much with the extra padding.

My Triumph gel seat (for the Sprint) is ok, but living South of I-10, it gets "nucular" hot if I park in the sun too long. And, it doesn't cool down for a long while.
Nah ,It got ths shaft!All the zook cruisers got shaft,I believe.
Incorrect. The M50 is a newer version of the maurader if anything. It is mechanicly identical to the C50/volusia, with the exception of the inverted forks. It has shaft drive.
Dear Suzuki your new cruiser naming system sucks. None of us know which bike is which and this in on an Internet site dedicated to motorcycles. A letter plus a number just doesn't work unless your BMW.

Thank you.

Man! I don't get no respect 'round here.

Maybe it's my poor English. Look here for my M50 review (which I think was darn fine, thank yew)
$200? what's wrong with rubber hemorrhoid donut? glue in place and call it a day. Even better idea, get a bike that doesn't put all your weight on your can. ooooo...
I've used a ProPad ( on 2 different bikes. It's a gel pad. It doubles the time I can spend on a bike before I get butt-ugly. On my cruiser that meant 2-3 hours instead of an hour. On my SV1000, it means a day and a half instead of 5-6 hours.
I use the propad as well & can change it from one bike to the next and it was only $80.00
Re: Man! I don't get no respect 'round here.

I just recently purchased a 06 M50 (gray if you must know). Of the 3 people who've been on it, I'm the only one who hasn't had a problem with the seat. Possibly due to my inexperience, causing me to worry about other things.

This is odd, due to the fact that I can't stay seated in a car, errr cage for very long without having great discomfort in my tail bone and lower back.

I may still get a gel seat, but only time will tell.
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