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Getting Insurance?

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SR-22 is a process one goes through when no one will insure you. The insurance company puts your name in a lottery and the insurance company that picks your name has to insure you. I had this happen about 25 years ago and it was real expensive. After one year, I went to another insurance company and they insured me for normal rates without SR22. I received two speeding tickets in a 12 month period which caused the insurance company to freak. Good luck!
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Wow. I have to go to court for a ticket next month. Haven't had one in 5 years, though. I read your record, and I feel a lot better.
Any price is right if someone does insure you, figure half to 3/4 the price of the bike a year if someone bites. Good luck.
Now that you already have the bike, your options are very limited. Finding someway to pay the bike off immediately and then just carrying liability coverage only might be an option. Another option, and you will hate this suggestion, is to sell the bike at a large loss, put the remaining balance you will owe on a credit card and pay it off, and wait until your driving record goes away from insurance records (probably three years). I'm afraid it's either that or let the SR-22 process find you an insurance co. and pay $3,000 + dollars per year for insurance for a few years, which will end up costing you more money that selling the bike now. Sorry, but this is going to hurt financially.
Once you do get insurance. I highly recomend a radar/laser detector from RadarBusters.... I have had a detector for two years not one ticket...I have the Bell cordless that fits in your chest pocket and has a ear phone for your helmet I lost count on how many times it has saved me from another speeding ticket.
In New York there are driver programs you pay to attend to reduce and/or remove all your points. Maybe NJ does this?

Also, If you are under 25 and/or a new rider your still considered a risk.
coors99 you may want to join AMA I believe they have some deal running with either State farm, or All State. I think AMA members save around 20% percent. I hear you with these outrageous insurance rates. I live outside of Philadelphia, PA and the rates around hear are very high. I have 3 points on my license I got from rolling through a stop sign late one night on some back road. The cop was hiding in some near by bushes. I now pay around $450 a year for a 1983 XJ750 Maxim with progressive insurance. This is with liability coverage, basic health care coverage for a 23 year old male. I have been looking at the Kawasaki ZZR600 for my next bike but will put that off for a few years due to the fact that it would cost to much to insure.
Yeah, well, the gov't builds your roads and sets the rules. Perhaps you ire should be directed in that direction -- privatize roads.
Fact: A Sr-22 or SR22a is there for people that have licenses supended and reinstated or for those that can't pay their insurance obligation and get a ticket for no insurance. It IS NOT the insurance company's responsibilty to provide you coverage. It is your responsibilty to find your insurance coverage. Basically, they will make it near impossible based on your MVR. You haven't given enough information to be objective in this but I am assuming that you are under 25yrs old. In the most basic sense: You're screwed if you want buy anything more than liability coverage. Get your MVR to make sure you know what's on your record. Then shop. If you need more than liability coverage expect to pay $2000+ annually for the coverage based on the info you have provided. If you want to talk to me e-mail and I will go over some ideas. I am a professional agent and place high risk motorcyclist in the southeast.
Conspiracy nut? Reality: You do not have the right to drive. You have the opportunity to obtain a legal means to drive on State and Federal roadways base on skill in a state mandated test. You must provide the state the means by which you will fix what ever you break in the event of an accident. Self-insured people exsist but in most cases most cannot afford to self-insure. That's where insurance companies come in. Insurance is a BUSINESS FOR PROFIT. "Rate of return" my a$$. When you walk into the McDonalds do you ask what your rate of return is when you buy your meal? Rates are charged and risk is spread over a vast number of people. In the most basic sense: you travel the roadways illegally in you state to stick it to the man. Then you expect people to understand that you think insurance is a rip-off because of the "Rate of return". So, when you slam into a bus full of nuns or school kids and a few people go to the hospital. You just remember when you're sitting in jail that those kids parents can pay the bill because insurance is a conspiracy and your too damn nuts to see that the state just wants to make sure that the bills get paid in the event of an accident.
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Hmm. Lucky for you, I am an insurance claims representative and worked for Progressive for a few years. Have you tried them ( There are also a couple of other good companies out there that you may want to try. One is GMAC Rider's Club, which I just switched too. They can be reached via 800-325-1190. You may also want to try McGraw Hill Insurance or even GEICO ( I hope that this information is helpful.
"It IS NOT the insurance company's responsibilty to provide you coverage."

It is when they make it mandatory to have it, as it is in Illinois. If the state can force me to have it, then they could force the insurance companies to provide it, and at a reasonable cost. If they can't, then drop the mandatory bullshyt, and then we can pick and choose if we want coverage or not.
insurance is a game and you do need to keep your nose clean. A couple years ago I had one accident and I couldn't get anyone to insurne me. Even now at 41 years of age and over 20 years of riding experience and many MSF class and track days I still get asked $1200 a year for a new "HyperBike" but on a Ducati 999 I'm only $300 a year.. When asking my agent "why" I was told that the demographics on bikes of a high end nature shows they simply are not wrecked like the Japanese Crotch Rocket Suicide Machines. Next time you see some kid doing a trick wheelie down the freeway or something going warp speed stop and thank them for screwing up your insurance. Don't get me wrong, I love watching stunting and going fast but everything has its place and it's NOT on public streets! Take it to the damn track.. The anti bike sentiment is growing..people in CA now have to get permits to allow them to ride on there own land and laws in europe are trying to outlaw bikes.. We need to start policing ourselves gang..
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I just moved to virginia and here you have to pay a shop your own money to tell you if your vehicle is legal to drive. I don't like that because it seems like I am forced to do the cops job( that we pay for already ) with my own time and money, and I pay a private company to tell me these things about my vehicle. In oregon you do not need to have your vehicle inspected. but if you get pulled over and your driving something that doesn't pass you get all kinds of tickets.It just seems wrong to be forced to pay for this every time you get new registration.
What part of "FOR PRIFIT" don't you understand? The state says comply or risk your license. Why? Because any vehicle can be involved in an accident. If your too bullheaded to understand that in a free market you (the consumer) are responsible to find the coverage you want then too bad for you. Liability coverage on most things is very affordable. It's the Comprehensive and Collision coverage that make the rates high. Remember, the coverage is initially there for others not yourself. If you buy liability coverage and wreck and other vehicles are invoolved then all others are fixed. You want your own car or bike fixed and you have the wisdom to buy Comp/Collision coverage then your sh*t gets fixed too. But don't think that the system is a rip off unless you really understand how it works. I pay $325 a year for my BMW K bike but I pay $800 for the same coverage on a 93 mini van. Which vehicle is worth more? Your damn right the BMW is. The van is old and the exposure isn't worth the bill but it's my only 4 wheeled vehicle I own so I pay based on the fact that if it totals out tomorrow I'd at the very least get something back. So, I put it to you longride- drop your coverage to the minimum the state allows and ride for around $45-$110 annually for your bike to be square with your state. Or shut up and pay the premium knowing that the insurance company will come through in the event you total your ride.
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liability is cheap and it's not unreasonable for society to expect you to cover that if you want to use the public roads

comprehensive is strictly a matter between you and your finance company.. don't blame the gubmint for that one
Compulsory annual safety inspections are the norm for most East Coast states. From North Carolina to Maine, vehicles are required to display a valid windshield sticker, which are issued by shops licensed by the state to perform inspections.
yea I realized that when I registered my vehicles here in va.

but my point is why. Why do I have to pay to prove that I am not breaking the law. If something is wrong with your car you should be pulled over and ticketed. It just feels like I have to pay the ticket in advance. I'm sure I'll get use to it, it just gets me for now.

I hate paying the taxes when registering a car to. You don't do that in oregon.

whine whine ***** waaaaa!
You left one of the few states with no sales tax. I cringe every time I buy something and pay 8.75%. I live in Alameda County (Bay Area).

Oh and since this thread is supposed to be about insurance, premiums are ridiculously high in California compared to neighboring states. So some people register and insure their cars in Oregon and drive them down here. I wonder if the Oregon DMV has caught on to this egregious abuse.
"If the state can force me to have it, then they could force the insurance companies to provide it, and at a reasonable cost."
Nothing in the constitution gives you the right to drive. Driving is a privilege, insurance and owning/leasing a vehicle is the price of admission.

If you're paying high rates as a result of your actions, buck up and take the responsibility. It's not the cop's fault, it's your own fault. This is a consequence of actions you decided to take.

So maybe you didn't do anything, you're a perfect driver but your rates are higher because of your age or bike. Well, that's the price you pay for having so many inexperienced or hot-headed people either your same age or purchasing the same bike. Sure, you can't do anything about other people, but you can choose a bike in a different insurance class and/or find out what you can do to lower your premiums by talking to your agent. The payoff is that as you get older, your insurance gets cheaper so that same thing that you're complaining about will benefit you later when you're in a group of less crash-happy riders or have a bike in a different class. Maybe it sucks to have to pay for other people's mistakes, but it would suck even more if you had to do that your whole life... If you want to live in the sort of world where everyone is equal regardless of their actions, maybe you should move to a communist society.

If you're the type that has a bunch of tickets, then I think it's perfectly legit for the insurance companies to charge you more. Maybe it will make you think about it next time you're out on the street and potentially put another person at risk, even though that's hardly their motivation. The fact is, if you're out there breaking laws, then you're in the group of people more likely to end up in an accident. And the insurance company is more likely to have to spend money on you or your bike.
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