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"If the state can force me to have it, then they could force the insurance companies to provide it, and at a reasonable cost."
Nothing in the constitution gives you the right to drive. Driving is a privilege, insurance and owning/leasing a vehicle is the price of admission.

If you're paying high rates as a result of your actions, buck up and take the responsibility. It's not the cop's fault, it's your own fault. This is a consequence of actions you decided to take.

So maybe you didn't do anything, you're a perfect driver but your rates are higher because of your age or bike. Well, that's the price you pay for having so many inexperienced or hot-headed people either your same age or purchasing the same bike. Sure, you can't do anything about other people, but you can choose a bike in a different insurance class and/or find out what you can do to lower your premiums by talking to your agent. The payoff is that as you get older, your insurance gets cheaper so that same thing that you're complaining about will benefit you later when you're in a group of less crash-happy riders or have a bike in a different class. Maybe it sucks to have to pay for other people's mistakes, but it would suck even more if you had to do that your whole life... If you want to live in the sort of world where everyone is equal regardless of their actions, maybe you should move to a communist society.

If you're the type that has a bunch of tickets, then I think it's perfectly legit for the insurance companies to charge you more. Maybe it will make you think about it next time you're out on the street and potentially put another person at risk, even though that's hardly their motivation. The fact is, if you're out there breaking laws, then you're in the group of people more likely to end up in an accident. And the insurance company is more likely to have to spend money on you or your bike.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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