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So lets see, drink and drive then basically lose everything. Why not just shoot the drunk in the head on the side of the road? Name an employer in this day and age that is going to give you 3 years worth of vacation so you can do this "Boot Camp?" None, so there goes your job. Your going to be late on your mortgage or rent and every other bill so there is a nice ding on your credit if your lucky and an angry landlord. Needless to say you just paid 6 months rent for the privilage of going to bootcamp. If your single and have pets or children, they are dead or in protective custody. Try getting kids back after the state gets a hold of them. Your insurance goes thru the roof and you already lost your license for 3 months to a year.

All of this for something as little as a glass of wine or cold medication, since the vast majority of DUI's are first timers. Yeah, great plan and wont stop jack as human nature dictates that its always going to happen to the other guy. It will work just as well as the manditory minimum sentences have worked for drug convictions. What over 50% of prisoners are in for drugs?
1 - 1 of 52 Posts
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