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impound the car, force them to walk home

the ruskies or was it the scandinavians do it. The car either sits on the roadside or is taken to the police station. And the perp WALKS every last step to jail where they spend an evening drying out, being arraigned, fined HEAVILY and their license lost for a VERY long time. And none of this crap about a suspended license, or needing a license to conduct one's livlihood. If it wsa so damn important, why did you jeopardize that crucial bit of privilege in the first place? Clearly they don't care about keeping their job. So yeah, let them lose teir job, lose the house and so on. They made that decision for themselve the moment they wetted their lips with half-rotted grain.

Don't give this crap about most DUI's are 1st time offenders. Show me the statistical proof. But even if that were the case, so what. They deserve to have their privileges YANKED so hard nobody would be FOOL enough to drink in the first place let alone get behind the wheel after doing so. If you want to drink, stay the hell home.

For those sobbing liberals who blanch at the thought that criminals deserve the utmost in punishment, then fine, you get one screw-up before the 10ton brick lands on your self-centered ass. You hurt, maim, or kill someone it's automatic negligent vehicular homicide and minimum 10 year sentence with no chance of parole.

Yeah, we'll see how many people still choose to drink and then threaten other people's lives... Driving after imbibing (regardless of whether or not you happen to think you are impared or not) is no different than walking around a mall wildly popping off a handgun in random directions. Oh sure, you might drill most of your bullet holes into the ceiling tiles or the odd mannekin - or some 4yr old kid. In an event you deserve to be taken down like the terrorist s***** that you are.

Think that's so unfair? Why don't we ask the thousands of dead people/year who are no longer with us what they think of being murdered in cold blood. Or the children, wives, husbands whose lives have been shattered by people who show such total disregard for their fellow man that they chose to kill indescriminately?

I say we give the sherriff a shotgun to just randomly fire into the crowd of boozers. Call it a preemptive strike. They are all destined to become criminals eventually, we'll just spare society the costs of their statistically predicted future behavior. Or maybe the feds have brewers randomly poison their stock so people who drink die. Say 20,000 bottles worth a year. Don't want to die, don't drink. Kinda like don't eat Blowfish if you don't want to die.

How is drinking any different than a Muslim suicide bomber going thru his ritualistic cleansing before blowing himself up in the marketplace? The are both preparing to murder innocent passersby.

If it weren't for human corruption, why not make it a condition of a licquer license for any establishment to station cops and analyzers at the door and anyone blowing over the limit to be cuffed to the "drying out" rail? Even better if it's outside in the squalid heat or feezing cold. Nothing like public humiliation to adjust one's decision process. I'm sure their date would be impressed by having their evening extend a couple hours till the sauce wears off.

You want to drink, be my guest. Keep it under control so you don't even THINK of leaving the establishment over the limit, or otherwise keep it inside your own house and stay put.

(nothing like an incendiary post, eh?)
1 - 1 of 52 Posts
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