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It all comes down to the definition of "drunk". I never have more than one drink and drive, due to the draconian penalties associated with drinking and driving today.

I actually don't believe that all people are impaired by alcohol in the same way, and that impairment is difficult to objectively measure. There are a multitude of contributing factors, alcohol consumption being one.

That being said, my definition entails an unenforceable code. I would submit, however, that .08 (penalties start at .04 in most places, but they change the name of the penalties and don't publicize them as much - lovely for revenue and persecution, but bad judgment) is probably unreasonable and that there's a grey area between .08 and .12%.

0.12 I would argue is objectively impaired for anyone, but .08 is a tough argument for me to swallow, particularly at dumbed-down driving levels that we're subjected to in the U.S. - low speed limits, lots of lights etc.

1 - 1 of 52 Posts
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