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Gilera Introduces New Sportbike

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Groovy. 1st. Post. Italian design and japanese mecanics have been tried before with success. (Bimota).
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Woopty damn doo....I'm so spolied by all the new bikes that I could care less about some italian bike with an old GSXR motor in it. It better be cheaper then it's Japanese brother or why even bother?
Bimota Successful!?

They sold some bikes, but I don't know that they ever flourished. They're gone now, baring a miracle. They made under a thousand bikes a year at the height of their success. Nice bikes though.
I'd call the Cagiva Raptor successful, but not Bimota. Suzuki won't even give Cagiva enough engines to meet demand. But last time I checked, Bimota was going out of business.

Starving Student
I do not think Bimota had good managment. You can have the best engineers under the sun, but to stay in operations, you need good managment to stay afloat.
I agree about the price. Why would anyone risk dependability and performance for the same price or more, when they can buy a Japanese bike with a proven track record! Better give them away cheap at first to get some interest.
Thats nice

Some people are to hung up on price. There is no way a small niche manufacture can produce a bike cheaper and sell it cheaper than the mega-japanese companies. Numbers are their game.
maybe to have a bike that's not like everyone else's

although with a gixxer motor how different will it really be? Gileras should be singles, not fours.
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