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Glass Wheels For That Supernatural Floating Effect

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Why is the rear tire on that bike so underinflated? I'd hate to have these things on a car-- they'd look terrible in no time.

Looks like the rim is clamped onto the polycarbonate center portion to avoid the stress drilling holes would create.

Which means, the Buell rim mounted brake would be ideal for this application.

FWIW, in my opinion, these wheels are awesome!
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Even though this is the same stuff used to make "bullet-proof"glass, I'll start the over/under for durability at 100 miles.

"Why is the rear tire on that bike so underinflated?"

--Think it is just a low-profile tire.
My Hoop Dee

"All that fine craftsmanship comes at a price; these wheels will run you at least $5,000 a pop, so there's no use wasting them on some beat-up heap."

This author has clearly never been to the 'hood.
Where's gold inlay?
Re: My Hoop Dee

Wasn't it PJ O'Rourke who commented that to see the height of fashion you need only visit the inner city? No money to feed the kids but plenty fo' the bling.

Just wait until they discover that the poly can be engraved by tatoo artists.
Re: My Hoop Dee

Chris Rock had some pretty funny comments about the rims on the crappy cars in his HBO special.

I've read 4 or 5 PJ books and he's always hysterical and right on point.
That's what it looks like to me. Probably on an air suspension, in a low position. Part of the frame is hanging kinda low, does make the tire look flat...
If you let all the air out of the tires it makes the bike look lower. Everyone is doing it...
Whats really crazy is it appears to be a hard tail with glass rims
Glass wheels. What a misleading headline. They are plastic wheels. If you've ever owned eyeglasses or sunglasses you know that even coated polycarbonate plastic will scratch despite our best intentions to care for them well. I can only imagine how scratched and "fogged" these wheels will look in time. Even if the vehicle is never, ever used on the road, you'd still have to be careful.

Still, as a technology it could be interesting. Polycarbonate is very strong and light, it could be a good wheel material from a performance standpoint if engineered right, but I think carbon fibre would always be stiffer, stronger, and lighter.
Re: My Hoop Dee

O'Rourke was funny before he tried to morph himself into a mainstream political commentator... he's long since jumped the shark, when last seen he was still screeching hysterically over the threat posed by Saddams WMDs
Re: My Hoop Dee

His best books were written quite a while ago. I love Parliament of Whores and All the Trouble in the World.
No thanks. Not a fan of bling, but even if I were, I'd wait for them to develop transparent aluminum.
wait till you to clean them once with a the brake dust and dirt on them they will be scratched to all heck. only good for shows.
Polycarbonate is a plastic - same thing used in safety eyewear. So these are not "glass" wheels. The title of the article is misleading.
What a mirrored finish you could get. You could ride to Palomar and use your bike as your own telescope.
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