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Glass Wheels For That Supernatural Floating Effect

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Why is the rear tire on that bike so underinflated? I'd hate to have these things on a car-- they'd look terrible in no time.

Looks like the rim is clamped onto the polycarbonate center portion to avoid the stress drilling holes would create.

Which means, the Buell rim mounted brake would be ideal for this application.

FWIW, in my opinion, these wheels are awesome!
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Aye, Admiral. Thar be whaales 'ere!
Dude, this is for one of those "Not intended nor Warranted for Actual Use, for show only" bikes. You know - the ones you put in the Den of your $1.2M house to impress upon your Snobby friends and neighbours what a Rebel you are............
Bein' a one-percenter takes guts.
It's light and strong compared to say, your average crystal stemware. But, I bet these suckers weigh several pounds more than an "equivalent" billet-aluminium mag-spoke wheel.
I'm buyin' stock in "Plexus"!
I like the new depleted uranium wheels with the CBR sticker in the center. Guaranteed to keep the cagers away from ya!
"$1.2M house"

-B!tch, please! What are you doing, living in the Ghetto with that type of house? You ain't nuttin' till youz droppin' 10 mill, muthaf*ckah!
That and you dont need a kick stand when your 300 goes flat on back.
Yeah. And when the mag spoke wheel is spinning you can't freaking see it anyhow.

Only when you are stationary would anyone notice the wheels. These wheels should be mainly excellent for Rubby bar hoppers and Burger Barn sportbike crowd.
Yeah but at least they have a nice library.
The 200-pound unsprung weight is a bit of a disadvantage, though.
Apparently, I'm "out of touch" with Real Estate prices on the East and West coast. I paid ~$60k for my 2br 2ba 1600' on 2ac. home in '99 (Missouri).

Go 15 miles South of me, into AR - same place would run ~$250k.

A million-dollar home means something here!

(then again, I have a friend who bought her postage-stamp place in Boulder, CO in '99 too, and is sub-letting the basement to make ends meet to the tune of ~350k for 1000' of living space.......)
It's back to the '50s - that's known as "Road-Holding" weight.
An efficiency (500-800 square feet) in Manhattan can run you up to $600,000.

A One bedroom can easily go beyond 1 million.
make ends meet? $350,000 is considered scraping by now? Man I have got to stop workin for the government
Re: My Hoop Dee

and chris rock speaks the exact truth... every day i see a $500 1980s boats (read chevy caprice, cadillac, buick) on 23" rims. and its hilarious seeing these guys spend HOURS at the self help car washes scrubbing down their half rust half primer rides, then more hours polishing those $5000 rims

"ksquid writes........"

And why anyone would pay that much to live there....... oh well. Why anyone would want to live there at all is a better question.

I'll just stay here and enjoy flyover country. Oops, I mean it's so horrible here. Stay away. You'll get agoraphobia from all that exposure to open land.
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