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Go Figure.

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Flying Car Prototypes Grounded After Crash Near School

Did they put the school on Lockdown, by any chance?

Or pull every LEO in the County and have them hover over them with machine-guns whilst goose-stepping the kids home?

"When Flying Cars are Outlawed - only OUTLAWS will have Flying Cars!"
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I like those Amphicars from the '60's, in fact I saw one the other day all restored in appropriate swimming pool green. I always thought it was a pretty cool idea. I don't do flying though, it's not natural...
I went to small resort in Michigan called Ludlow's Island. They picked me up in town in a little convertible. We drove out of town to the edge of a lake, and then right down the boat ramp into the drink. I about **** myself...of course it was an Amphicar. It was the high point if the trip.
We were visiting reletives in Thunder Bay Ontario when I was a kid and some guy had a stand with a couple of them, He'd give you a ride around the park and out onto the lake for a buck or something, I never got a ride but me and my cousins and every other little kid used to paddle along on air matteress's trying to keep up them.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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