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Re: obviously Kawasaki knows a thing or two

Give ALL the racers stock bikes and Thursday evenings, have the whole field randomly assigned stock motors and ignition - with stock-limited HP, from each participating manufacturer for each race weekend of the season . . . ..then we have a chance of finding out the best sportbike for each of the different tracks in the differing conditions - motors go back to the bench and get rebuilt consistently. Then we can maybe find out about riders and their teams' abilities in setting up. I have to say that I would expect to see the same faces on the podium 7/10 times. But force the manufacturers to compete without factory racing tricks and give the underpaid racing masses an equal shot at a championship. Then it becomes a real manufacturers battle that we can all participate in. Wouldn't this alone sell 00's maybe 000's more sportbikes and increase racing participation nationwide?
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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