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Gone in Ten Seconds.

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First post...Bring us your poor, your tired, your huddled massed and motorcycle thieves...
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If you cut off their hands - they can still use their hooks to work as garbagemen, but they can't hold a wrench to dismantle your bike, or twist the throttle if they were trying to ride-off on it...............
Sounds like something they would do in Saudi Arabia...
Masses...the D key is next to the S key...Damn laptops and small keyboards.
Instead let's put their hands to use rebuilding engines and transmissions at their own personal expense.
Not EVERY idea that Islam espouses is entirely without merit........
How can a severed hand help rebuild anything?
You could use it to hold bolts and nuts. Just be sure to label each hand so you know what goes where.
I can empty the clip of my 1911 in way less than 10 seconds.
Use individual fingers as dropped-part retrievers - all you need is a bit of string...........
Yet another reason not to live in SoCal.
Not that I'm advocating living in Southern Cali, but moto-theft happens everywhere. I've lived smack in the middle of the continent all my life, and have had two motos stolen (at the same time) and a few friends who were victims as well.
There was a guy here in Napa that had his new $40k custom stolen from parking space next to the place he was eating lunch. The police guessed 2 or 3 guys put the tires up on skateboards and ran it up a ramp into a van.

I use my kids boards to move heavy stuff around at least once a month.
That's true. However I have a foolproof system that guarantees that my bikes will never be stolen. I only buy bikes that are at least 5 years old.

It also helps to never wash them.
What is even more amazing is the VERY LIGHT sentences these guys received. Pay restitution? 5 years in prison? I mean, come on. What kind of punishment is that?
Painting them to look like a 1982 KZ750 helps too....
How exactly would you punish them without costing the state more money?

Chopping off their hands, while the approved response in the Old Testament, just means the guy is on whatever passes for social programs the next day for the rest of his life. Capital punishment makes more sense.

For starters, a blanket punishment is pointless. If these guys are real hardasses, then even a life sentence isn't going to bother them.

If they have _any_ guilt about what they did, then you might have a chance at getting through to them, but you'd have to find a punishment that will mean something to them. But, when was the last time you saw a court hand out a sentence that made yahoo's like this work for free for someone, or go to school's and be living example of what a 'cool' criminal is? Much easier to use a spreadsheet of punishments.

To be honest, I don't see a problem with the sentence. With the legal system lacking the finese to 'hitt 'em where it hurts', the best you can do is tier up the punishment, at each arrest, and hope that they get a clue. The other alternative, is to just forget about two bit criminals and the victimless crimes that they commit...
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Spend the Money!

As long as they are in jail they can't steal anything.

They can have a job "lubing" the other inmates.

Put them on treadmills generating electricity to pay for their keep.
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