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Gorilla in a Tuxedo: 2006 BMW K1200R

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For those considering the purchase of a new Toyota Yaris because of its high gas mileage, I recommend the K bike here. About the same price if you get the Yaris fully loaded. Think of the Beemer as the economy car of your dreams.
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As always Gabe your reviews make for an interesting and entertaining read. I am a bit puzzled however who BMW thinks the target market for this particular machine is.
The first BMW that I actually like. And like a lot.

Only problem is that for $14,300 you are approaching a real bike domain. Kawi 2000 for example is 14,499 MSRP last time I checked. After all, we are talkimg about 83 lbft vs. 122 lbft. This is exactly the figure that sorts the men from the boys.

- cruiz-euro
62.2 inch wheelbase!! need a kit to convert it into an O Scale locomotive...
I like fancy, expensive motorcycles but why is it so hard for me to get with BMWs?

I guess the oddball styling just doesn't call to me.
Lots of technology here, some good, some bad, some just for the heck of it. And what about those looks? After all, I like to go in the garage at the end of the day and have a couple of cold ones whilst ogling my baby. Not an option here, I rather look at my compressor!

Also the handling leaves much to be desired, and don't even talk about value.

I guess I'll pass.

Good write Gabe!
I guess handling is not your thing, in that case any cruiser will do.
The Claimed weight of 564 Lbs? Closer to 600+ with fluids, I'll bet. The BMW folks need look at getting the mass under control. Whatever, - - you either luv the Kubelwagon look or ya don't!
Re: Comrade BMW

As they did during the Cold War era, Russia is putting together a blatant counterfeit of a BMW, this time the K1200R.

Of course, as happened before, they've gotten a few details wrong.

The Russian version comes with a hassock-style seat and cossack-style front suspension, which bounces up and down excessively.
Any cruiser? If you read my mail again you might notice (hint hint) I talk about torque. Majority of the cruisers don´t reach even that p1ssy 80+ the beemer has.

- cruiz-euro
sweet. buying the kawasaki2K, you can join the masses of other "Me-Too!" bikers and parade off in the shining sea of black leather, Beanies, and ant-man sunglasses.

sounds heavenly.

"real bike domain" *snort*
Of course, the BMW is more aerodynamic (sp?) and 200 lbs. lighter dry. I think that more than makes up for any difference in torque. It'd leave the 2000 behind in a straight line, I'd guess (bet, even).

Of course, it's all an issue of what kind of riding you want to do and whether you need the handling of standard or not.
Re: Comrade BMW

Goes by the name "Urinal"
Sixty-two inch wheelbase? 10 inches longer than a nekkid little XB12? Crimony. A locomotive. That would seem to argue against this Beemer's corner-carving capability. And although a fair amount of torque is available, its offset by a lot of mass. (Erik Buell's old rules about low mass, centralized, and low CG do not appear to be much heeded here.)

I share previous comments questioning this bike's intended buyers. It might be a tough sell here in the States. Odd appearance, pricey, and there's some tough competition in the marketplace. Still, its an interesting design and I'm glad BMW has brought it to the U.S. market. Diversity in motorbikes is a good thing.

Thanks for the article, Gabe.
Re: Gorilla in a speedo: 2006 BMW K1200R

Lately, BMW seem to have gone for wacky car styling that looks like a cross between a lantern fish and a veg-a-matic.

Is this seeping over into the bikes too? I mean, hey... I love all motorcycles, from motorized bicycles to the Road Dawg, but man that's one ooogly motorcycle.

Maybe the Krauts have taken this "form follows function" thing too far. Bauhaus meet Cowhaus.

This BMW is a rocket. My friend has one, we ride together a lot. He leaves me in the dust on my SV650S. I can make up for it in the corners, but that thing is a cannon.
I agree on principle but the balance on it is extremely well done; I'm not sure how they did it but it certainly doesn't feel that heavy. It's deceptive.
Nice enough bike.

But for $15K+ I can get a KLR650 and an FZ1. If I go used I can get the above plus a VTX1800.

Like any other BMW motorcycle, just wait a couple of years and pick one up on the used market, if you really want one. The days are loooonnnng gone when BMW built any better quality than anyone else. In fact, with rear hub problems BMW has been experiencing, their quality is middle of the pack. Definitely not worth the Beemer tax.

I've just never wanted to join the BMW snobs. They can be worse than Harley snobs.
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Maybe if BMW offered Teutonic-styled armchaps?
Ya know if you slipped a fishnet stocking over the front fork supports she'd be quite a looker.
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