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Graft, 'Net Bans and Off-Season Drug Testing

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Year round testing is bs.testing during the season would be acceptable as long as they did it fairly. The ban substance list should not include caffine, alcohol or nicotine well because that is just cruel.
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I think this is just wrong. I understand that year-round testing is designed to prevent athletes from incorporating drugs into their off-season training so that they have an unfair advantage in competition. But this simply does not apply equally to all sports. Motorcycle athletes, to my knowledge, don't spend a lot of time going for that extra muscle mass in the off-season.

I do think drug testing is a good idea during the season, becuase stimulants could produce an advantage, and it is important to ensure everyone is unimpaired on the track.

Year-round testing in motorsports is absurd, however. I think it is unnesecary, intrusive, and I'd hope illegal. What riders do on their own time away from the track is nobody's business but their own. Only if their off-season behavior could somehow impact their racing performance could this make sense, and I can't imagine such a situation.

Race clean, the rest is nobody's business. I sure don't want my employer telling me if I can have a beer or a Sudafed or a diet pill or whatever I want to have on my own time, as long as I show up sober and ready to work.

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What in hell does the IOC have to do with motor racing of any kind? Who gives a rat's ass if they "recognize" any kind of motor sport at all?

More to the point, why should motorcycle racers have to answer to anyone except the sactioning bodies that govern their own particular series? And why should the sanctioning bodies have to answer to anybody?

Unless, as I have stated before, all of these three-leter organizations -- the FIM, the AMA, the IOC, the GOP, etcetera -- are merely false fronts for the Illuminati, secret masters of the New World Order. . .
Keep the IOC the hell away from motorsports. That bunch of self-important over-inflated windbags has been so corrupt in the past that I wouldn't want anything to do with them if it's at all avoidable. I don't know why any motorsport governing body would want to have anything to do with them.

As far as drugs go, I can't see the value of off-season drug testing for athletes in motorsports. Unless it's just to make sure they're not sullying the image of the sport off the track, but that's a pretty thin argument during the off-season. And when we're talking motorsports, that's the only real issue: image. Sponsors put up big bucks for motorsports, and the organizing bodies don't want the sport to be made to look bad by athletes using drugs. I guess that's their perogative. As someone said, I'd like to see an example of a drug that could provide any real benefit in motorsports.
Who the F*ck does the IOC AND WADA think they are? This is a money grab, pure and simple. Notice THEY contacted the FIM, not the other way around. Besides, because the bikes are weighed, not the bike/rider combination, racers are trying to get LIGHTER, not build muscle mass. And, lastly, who the F*ck are these guys trying to their Constitutional right against unreasonable search ans seizure? I think all the ridrs should go on strike untill these a-holes come to their senses. If their contracts say they must race, well, ride around for 2 laps, real slow, and park the bike by the bales claiming "electrical troubles". F-em'!!
Oh, and one more thing: look at all the scandals and corruption involving the "location" of this years Olympics. Does anyone REALLY think these greedy clowns could run ANYTHING without F-ing it up? Letting the IOC run racing would be like Komrade Klinton watching over a whorehouse.
Uh, hate to tell ya buddy, but your 4th ammendment rights against unreasonable search and seizure are long dead. Ever heard of no-knock searches? Asset forfeiture? Drug search roadblocks (recently struck down by the Supreme Court)? All (and more) brought to you by the war on drugs. Had to take a piss test for a job where impairment wouldn't be an issue (ie not operating heavy machinery or making critical decisisions)? Got a kid in high school who's been forced to submit to a piss test if they want to be involved in extracurricular activities. In this area (Ontario, Canada), they want to piss test welfare recipients.

Apparently, nobody respects or thinks that personal privacy is important anymore. Or at least not a majority of people, anyway. Not until the nazis bust their door down waving guns around because some was paid to rat them out (even thought they may be totally innocent), will they realize what they've let happen, and then it'll be to late.
That was supposed to say "because some s.c.u.m. was paid to rat them out". Jay-sus, is s.c.u.m. considered an obscene word now?

"The IOC is joining forces with the World Anti-Doping Agency to perform out-of-competition drug tests "from sports recognized by the International Olympic Committee, but are not part of the Olympic program."

WTF?! Who the hell do they think they ARE?! Recognized, but not PART of the Olympic program? Not even part? What's next, ranked chess players?

You are exactly right, our fourth-amendment rights have been completely thrown out, violated almost daily by (unconstitutional) federal police agencies (ATF, DEA, FBI in some cases, secret service.) I do take issue on one minor point however: taking a drug test for a job has nothing to do with the fourth amendment. Nobody is suggesting that a company can force a drug test on you. Only the government can. If you don't want to take the test, you do't have to. Just apply for a different job, with perhaps a different employer, one that requires no such test. An employer has every right to require a drug test. Nobody is forced to work there.
I am not a proponet of drugs, but what in the world does the IOC have to do with motorcycle racing? Is the FIM under any obligation whatsoever to do the bidding of the IOC? Is there any contract involved? Does the IOC take an indirect role in the sanctioning of motorcycle racing in any way?

Is there any reason why the FIM shouldn't tell the International Olympic Committee to take a flying leap?
That is very true: every employer has the right to set an internal policy, for example the drug test that needs to be taken when you apply for a job. This is not a bad thing and could help prevent drug abuse.
Can you say, "Archive"

Tiberiu... dude!

MO has been around for eons (at least in Internet terms.)

Please look at the date stamp on the thread. While your post is nicely done and of interest, the thread is 7 years old!

Now, with that said, Welcome to the site!

You might want to update the topic with a new thread, maybe concerning the use of steroids or HGH among motorcycle racers. Enquiring minds want to know!

Don't let the crusty old farts (and some of them aren't really all that old) scare you off! We've got a lot of variety in our little group of MOrons, and that's all I've got to say about that.

Come back soon! But please don't ask any Oil Related Questions.
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MO has been around for eons (at least in Internet terms.)
One can only wonder what ever happened to "Road Load." It boggles the mind.
Nicotine & Caffeine

Leave the Nicotine and Caffeine alone! I agree completely. The rest is fine because I do not use drugs nor do I do prescriptions. Prescriptions are a grey area since so many Americans are on them. Most of the drugs in the following article I'm ok with testing... Narconon Vista Bay
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