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I think this is just wrong. I understand that year-round testing is designed to prevent athletes from incorporating drugs into their off-season training so that they have an unfair advantage in competition. But this simply does not apply equally to all sports. Motorcycle athletes, to my knowledge, don't spend a lot of time going for that extra muscle mass in the off-season.

I do think drug testing is a good idea during the season, becuase stimulants could produce an advantage, and it is important to ensure everyone is unimpaired on the track.

Year-round testing in motorsports is absurd, however. I think it is unnesecary, intrusive, and I'd hope illegal. What riders do on their own time away from the track is nobody's business but their own. Only if their off-season behavior could somehow impact their racing performance could this make sense, and I can't imagine such a situation.

Race clean, the rest is nobody's business. I sure don't want my employer telling me if I can have a beer or a Sudafed or a diet pill or whatever I want to have on my own time, as long as I show up sober and ready to work.

1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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