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Green Tire Balancing Goo? What the heck?!

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The negative is that when you go to buy a new tire you'll either get a facefull of green muck and have to clean it off everything, or the guy you pay to do it will get a facefull and shoot you.

It probably works, but so do stick on lead weights and they cause a lot less ill feelings.
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My only experience with the green slime used for tire repair...sort of like fix a flat. It didn't unbalance the wheels but they had old fashioned lead weights anyway. I would think that it would NOT be a good idea because you would ultimately have more spinning weight in the tires slowing handling, and adding unsprung weight is never a good idea. In fact, if you have ever ridden a bike with magnesium, or other very light wheels, you will attest to the remarkable difference in handling reducing unsprung weight can have. This is why every year you see lighter and lighter wheels on the latest sport bikes. I think MO had an article with an RC51 that has carbon fiber wheels or something and mentioned how much the lighter wheels helped the handling. It seems like it would be important to just add enough weight to balance the wheel and nothing more.
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I've used the goo in an older tube tired bike. Seemed to work OK (no vibes or wobbles) and also protected against nail holes etc. Only downside is that the stuff would pool in the tire if the bike sat for any period of time. Things would be pretty shakey until it re-distributed itself inside the tire. Also, the colder it was, the longer it took for the shakes to go away. Don't think I'd use it again.
Re: Green Tire Balancing Goo? What the F***?!

The only problem I've had with similar sealer/ballancer stuff is that when used with tubeless tires it sometimes glues the tire bead to the rim. But that only matters if you change your tires by hand. The machines have enough force to break the bead even if it does gets glued.

And when used in tube type tires, if you ever get a leak it flings goo all over the rear wheel and back of the bike, and glues the tire bead to the rim after a while (after sealing the leak).

I use sections of solid core solder wrapped around a spoke nipple btw. Screw the goo.
Two things:

1) This crap sounds really gimmicky. I wouldn't put that stuff in my bike, ever.

2) If your mechanic raves about a goo technology that NASCAR uses (I doubt you'll see this stuff in F1 or Moto GP) and then uses it himself- given every excellent point the other here have made as to why this stuff is counter-intuitive to a motorcycle- I would find another mechanic.
Just because something is used in a race car for the couple of hours of a race doesn't mean it's of any value in day to day use. Nascar also takes all the glass out of the cars. Want to do that too?

I used a similar compound.. BalancePlus... once. It didn't make the bike feel any better. It also didn't keep the tire from going flat when I picked up a nail.

I categorize most of those "magic" automotive products like Greengoo and Slick50 the same way.... crap for suckers.

After years of futzing with changing my own tires I've discovered that it hardly costs more to buy one at the local accessory shop and have them mount and balance it for free than to do it myself. That way it's balanced and I don't worry about it. My rims look better too.
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Agree, more unsprung weight is bad for multiple reasons. I wonder if it would stick and move with the tire or be more fluid allowing it to keep a tire in balance though it's life? If it stayed more fluid would centifugal forces keep it in place or would it slosh around under braking and acceleration causing an out of balance situation? Could it set up an undesirable harmonic? Could these things upset handling as I believe current linked ABS's can when trail-braking? Would it help heat or cool the tire (it would seem to increase a tires heat-sink)? I think that this stuff would be heavier than weights properly setup overall and that that weight would have a greater arm causing increased gyroscopic effect.
Seruzawa man everything in the world to you falls under category "crap for suckers" does it not? Are there any other compartments?
Of course! There's useful stuff like arm chaps and tassels! I think they even have arm chaps with tassels!
Hey, what are *you* selling these days, JB? Maybe he'll make an exception...
I am selling it all, everything must go. Instead of being the sucker who buys all the crap i would like to be the suckee who sells it all for a change. U?
Forgot the Sneaky Leaker! Now THERE is a useful item.
How much for the junk Mercedes??
I get very uncomfortable around guys who say "Let me put my goo in your tire".....not that there's anything wrong with that....
I would never use it on a tubles rim (messy as hell), but it works great on tube tires. You can get a bouncy front end if the bike has sat for awhile as the green goo settles.
Actually, I've used the green goo to fix a leak in fourwheeler tires and it works great as long as it isn't really cold out.
Don't answer him seru. Since he sold out to the dark side, hes just doing a marketing research!

If you let him into you brain you'll wind up buying beanie babies, and assless chaps!
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That actually happened to me. The poor mechanic swore at me in Italian for 5 minutes. It's funny now, but it wasn't then. I tipped him 10000 lira.
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