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Just because something is used in a race car for the couple of hours of a race doesn't mean it's of any value in day to day use. Nascar also takes all the glass out of the cars. Want to do that too?

I used a similar compound.. BalancePlus... once. It didn't make the bike feel any better. It also didn't keep the tire from going flat when I picked up a nail.

I categorize most of those "magic" automotive products like Greengoo and Slick50 the same way.... crap for suckers.

After years of futzing with changing my own tires I've discovered that it hardly costs more to buy one at the local accessory shop and have them mount and balance it for free than to do it myself. That way it's balanced and I don't worry about it. My rims look better too.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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