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Many thanks, gentlemen, for you advice. Sorry for being so green around the gills... Do you reckon that i'm going to need over 600cc for comfortable touring with a pillion? I don't know if build has anything to do with it. I'm 6'1'' and weigh about 180 pounds. My lady is pretty small... Also, am i really going to regret having no fairings if i go for a naked bike?
I use a National Cycle windshield on my naked bikes. They work pretty well and don't add the weight a fairing does. My wife and I have been riding all over the west US for over 30 years on naked bikes with shields.

If you are planning on touring the west US, Canada or Australia you might want a bike bigger than 650 for touring 2 up. I know several people who tour comfortably on the Wee-Strom 650 for example. Otherwise it's mainly overkill. Not that overkill is necessarily a bad thing, mind you. You might consider a BossHoss......
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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